450 L S/S JKTD Bioengineering Fermentation Reactor

Stainless Steel Jacketed Chamber 585mm dia 1,550 mm deep dish bottom with 63 mm dia outlet. with bottom side 7 off 25mm dia inlets, Top side  34 mm dia & 6 off 25 mm dia inlets. With flat bolt removable lid  with sight glass 34 mm dia inlet, 6 off 19 mm dia plus 19 mm dia to feed CIP spray ball.Bottom entry 10 Kw 300 rpm disc turbine stirrer
chamber full vac -1 / 4 bar W.P jacker full vac -1 / 4 Bar 150 deg.C Made by Bioengineering number D 263 1984 [ Control panel and stirrer can be supplied at extra cost.]
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