Complete Y M Packaging Group powder blending & pouch filling line

2000L Stainless steel Model RB 2000L U trough ribbon blender with continuous inner and outer ribbon blade. Chamber 1,000 mm x 2,000mm x 1,120 mm deep with 18.5 kw geardrive aprox 30 rpm with central bottom discharge with 850 mm ground clearance. Overall size 3,300 mm x 1,300 m. X 2,215 mm tall with 630 mm removable base.
With 110 mm x 120 mm x 4,500 mm long conveyor mounted on stainless steel trolley frame to give 2,700 mm discharge height. Designed to feed the 40 l pouch product powder feeder hopper, Y..M packing machine with Pouch picker, pouch opener, pouch blow open nozzle, volumetric powder filler with filter screen head to fill from 120g to 900g to fill at a rate of 8 to 18 per minute dependent on product and pack size. To pouch closer, pouch heat sealer, and batch coder, the pouch drops onto the discharge. Belt conveyor to feed a lazy Suzi for discharge. Overall size of the packer 1,100mm x 4,500mm x 3000mm tall built 2020. 
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