Complete BeCoMac Mobile High Speed Waste & Aggregate Blender

Capacity Up to 600 tons per hour Model: TB Mobirex
Mild steel 3 stage Mixer Track 3 m wide with hydraulic raise lower bucket feed hopper with leaves feed weir control to first stage power Harrow type vertical mixer to feed trough to second stage power Harrow type mixer with horizontal u section powder feed conveyor feed from hopper above, then on to third stage finishing mixer with horizontal u section powder feed conveyor fed from hopper above. With aprox 2 m wide continuous conveyor belt mounted bellow mixer to remove and discharge mixed product, height can be altered with hydraulic raise lower adjustment control, the rig is mounted on steel cattapiller track to move around location to give a right turning circle , with independent hydraulic variable speed control for each process stage to balance process flow driven by a Cat C18 574 Kw 1500 RPM engine we removable powder hopper, with HMI touch screen control, unit lightly used for sale due to cancelled project. Overall size about, 3.5m x 25.m x 10m tall

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