1000L S/S Polar Systems U-Trough Mixer

Key Features: 
- Stainless Steel 
- 1000L Capacity 
- Internal Continuous Ribbon Blade
- Stainless Hinge Lid with Counter Weight 
- 1/3 Center Hinge Lid with Safety Grid for Tipping
- Inspection Lid
- Pack Gland Seals and Outer Bearings 

- Volume 1000L 
- Overall Dimensions; Height 2000mm x Width 2100mm 
- Internal Dimensions; Shallow End Height 1040mm, Deep End Height 1175mm (Slopping base to help product exit through bottom outlet), ID Width 1015mm x ID Length 2000mm 
- Bottom Outlet; Diameter 200mm, Floor Clearance 150mm 
- Tipping Lid Dimensions; Length 820mm x Width 1070mm 
- Inspection Lid Dimensions; Length 300mm x Width 500mm
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