2,300L JKTD Sower Combination Sawtooth Mixer Type SWDN-2000

Stainless Steel Jacketed Chamber 1,400 mm dia x 1,500 mm deep dish top and bottom to give overall chamber height of 2,000mm, with 11 kw 42 rpm stainless Steel anchor paddle with PTFE hinged scrapers, with of center mounted  45 kw 1440 Rpm Sawtooth mixer blade. Mounted on 4 legs with load cells, to give 800 mm ground clearance. overall combination mixer height 4,750 mm. With a control panel to suit with remote control panel, mounted within the production area, each mixer with start - top each, increase & decrease speed controls with digital display, with original  mild steel galvanized frame working platform  2,500mm x 4,100mm x 2,500 mm tall with access stairs and safety rails. Chinese manufacture 2018.

MaterialStainless Steel
Chamber TypeJacketed
Chamber Dimensions1,400 mm diameter x 1,500 mm depth (dish top and bottom), overall height of 2,000 mm
Mixing Mechanisms- 11 kW Stainless Steel Anchor Paddle at 42 rpm

- 45 kW Off-Center Mounted Sawtooth Mixer Blade at 1,440 rpm
MountingFour legs with load cells, providing 800 mm ground clearance
Control PanelRemote control panel within the production area
Control FeaturesStart-stop buttons, speed controls with digital display
Supporting StructureOriginal mild steel galvanized frame working platform, dimensions: 2,500 mm x 4,100 mm x 2,500 mm
Safety FeaturesAccess stairs and safety rails included
ManufacturerChinese manufacture, 2018
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