4,000L S/S JKTD Vacuum Conical J. H. Day Mixer Model 1225MBX

All Stainless Steel Quality Steam/Water Jacketed Conical Vacuum Mixer made by J. H. Day Model 1225 MBX. Chamber 2,490mm dia x 3,510mm deep  Dish  bolted removable lid with various connections and 500mm dia removable manhole cover. Sprayball Two Lump Breakers each driven by 7.5 kW 380/3/50Ac at 1,465 rpm. Main motor driving arm is 11 kW 190/380/3/50Ac at 2.2 rpm. Motor for screw is 1.5 kW. 190/380/3/50Ac at 64 rpm. (No legs.) Tank Fullvac to 5 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Jacket 125 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Min jacket temp - 20 degrees F @ 125 PSIG.  Serial number 2099. New 1991. Stainless steel control panel. 

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