1,000L Fillworth S/S Jktd Combination Mastic Mixer FM 103.5 kW

Stainless Steel chamber with Dimple Jacketed Mixer with Chamber 1,400mm dia x 900mm deep with Triple action mixing system with Helical Anchor Scraped Outer Ribbon Mixer Arm with Two Off Center High Shear Granulating Masticators Rotor Grinders Mixer Blades and Base Integrated Discharge Auger Extruder driven by 2 Off 37 kW  22 kW & 7.5 kW Hydraulic Drives.

Overall size 1,400mm x 2,500mm x 1,300mm Tall power pack 2,600mm x 1,800mm x 2,500mm Tall.  Made by Fillworth Model FM1000   Number: 503688 Jacket working pressure 45 P.S.I.

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