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40 kW S/S Hedin Gill Tube Heater

Stainless Steel gill tube heater 4.5 Sq.m with 12 elements each 2 pass U tube type 40mm OD mounted in a chamber ID 600mm x 1585mm Flange OD 685mm x1585mm x 200mm face to face. 40 Kw 3 phase 415V. unused.

Item Ref: N10790-47
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Johnson Elvenga Calliper Brakes
With Electric Solenoid Closure. 1 X 250 mm. 1 X 200 mm. 1 X 160 mm. Drum Size Callipers.
Item Ref: N8003-47
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7 Kw Eltron Immersion Heater
Stainless Steel Sheethed With 900 mm Drop Down Side Of Tank, 900 mm X 200 mm Across Bottom. 240 Volt Single Phase Unit With Thermostat Pocket.
Item Ref: S10046-47
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