Plant Refurbishment Examples

Rigal Bennett Group invites you to use our own workshops.

Here we show some examples of projects we have completed to demonstrate our capabilities.

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N4062-01 : 2500 L S/S Jktd Reactor Flp
Used Stainless Steel Reactor. Sold to a customer to supply build material products. stripped down cleaned inside and out Pressure tested as per original stamp, fitted with New Rigal Bennett Sawtooth Mixer. Mounted on legs to suit customers requirements.
Item Ref: N4062-01
N6676-03 : 30 Kw Silverson In Line Mixer S/S Flp
N6676-03 30 kW Silverson In line Mixer S/S
Unit Stripped do down, cleaned inside & outside, fitted with new Motor, Mechanical Seal and New Slotted Stator manufactured to suit customer. 

Item Ref: N6676-03
N5591-11 : Bauer Meister Turbo Disintegrator M/S
Cage turbine type mill with 30kW 2900 rpm drive.  Doors removed and rotor assembly cleaned inside and out.  Fitted mesh screen to stator.  Replaced bearing and seals and mounted unit on bed plate.
Item Ref: N5591-11
N4470-12 : Torrance Attritor Type 200S S/S
Stainless Steel Attritor With 1220 Dia. 1220 mm Deep Holding Tank,Feed & Discharge By Ibex  Pump,Mild Steel Jacketed, 30 kw Drive, No: 692356

To supply in good working condition we plan to carry out the enclosed schedule.

1  strip down
2  test drive motor for resistance and earth
3  check gear box gears replace as required ,
4  Check and replace bearing & seals as required
5  check mill rotor shaft and rotor arms replace as required
6  inspect and check mill coupling stator
7  static test chamber
8  hydraulic test out cooling jacket- [Test Failed replaced mill chamber]
9  clean in side and outside
10  paint mild steel under coat and gloss paint
11  re assemble
12 service mill feed pump
13  replace bearings and seals
14 check pump seals suit client application replace as required
15  check pump drive resistance and earth - will supply new drive motor
16  check safety guards replace as required
17 clean and paint mild steel parts under coat and gloss
Item Ref: N4470-12
N6065-12 : Steelshaw Jktd M/S Steel Ball Mill 830L
Unit striped down, cleaned inside and out bearings replaced as required cleaned and painted customer to mount unit in safety caged 
Item Ref: N6065-12
N8926-17 : Sharples Decanter Type P600e
Pilot size unit with 4kW FLP drive.  All stainless steel contact parts. This unit was stripped down Bearings seals replaced. Bowl balanced. Electric motors replaced new belts fitted guards reworked all mild steel parts cleaned and painted. Centrifuge Supplied to a University in Sweden.
Item Ref: N8926-17
N8887-11 : Christy Norris Pulveriser Type 18B12 55K
Mild Steel Swing Hammer Mill. Chamber Size 560mm X 130mm. Inlet 350mm X 250mm. Outlet 648mm X 406mm. Driven By 55Kw 2900 Rpm Direct Coupled Motor. Overall Size 1400mm X 2000mm X 1500mm Tall. Approx. Weight 1400 Kgs.

The mill was stripped down, bearings wear plates and screen replaced to suit customer then mounted on stainless steel frame to suit infeed & out feed
Item Ref: N8887-11
N8956-17 : Broadbent Type 86 Rubber Ld Centrifuge
Mild Steel Rubber Lined Top Discharge 530mm Dia X 270mm Basket With 2.2 Flp Motor Belt Driven With Brake. Unit had a full service, Striped down to original bowl and frame, Bearings replaced, Clutch break replaced, Rubber lining repaired,  Bowl re-balanced, new control panel supplied with Start - Stop variable speed control, safety circuit to include guard master lid lock. Mild steel parts cleaned & painted.
Item Ref: N8956-17
N8924-07 : 4500L S/S Vert.Enc. Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel tank 1,600 mm dia x 2,200 mm tall with 400 mm deep cone to 80 mm dia outlet mounted on mild steel frame with loose lid.

The tank had the original outer cladding and rockwool insulation removed, the tank was then cleaned inside and out. The mild steel base was cleaned and painted. The lid was altered to suit new owners requirements a new mild steel bridge was fitted to suit  new EH753-63 Rigal Bennett Shearhead Mixer to be fitted with 2,000 mm long shafts
Item Ref: N8924-07
N9044-10 : 200L S/S Cowlishaw Oblicone Blender
Stainless Steel Double Cone Mixer Supplied in Good working condition to a customer in the animal feed industry, unit striped down, cleaned inside and out, bearings replaced, new geared motor with brake fitted.
Item Ref: N9044-10
S9792-34 : 150 Lpm S/S Y Throat Mono Type Sw052hsirs, S/S
Y Throat Mono Pump Stripped down, Bearings & Packed gland seals replaced as required, Stator replaced and New Geared motor. pump cleaned and painted  
Item Ref: S9792-34
N9547-03 : 55Kw Cowles S/S Dispersion Mixer
Platform Mounted Air Over Hydraulic Raise/ Lower 55 Kw Two Speed Motor. 3 Phase Tefc 1440/720 Rpm With 460mm Dia Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer Head. With Leroy Somers Inverter Control. Designed To Stir 2 Off Static Mounted 1200L Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixer Tanks, Each 1220mm Dia X 1250mm Deep With Dish Bottom To 100mm Dia Outlet Each With Cooling Panel Jackets. Mounted On Mild Steel Legs To Give 450mm Clearance With Mild Steel Working Platform. Manuf. By Moorhouse Cowles Model V357. Overall Closed Height 3,000mm Open Height 4,500mm

Unit stripped down cleaned inside & out and  mixer vessel jackets & Chambers  hydraulically tested as stamped.  moving parts serviced in full bearings seals all checked and replaced as required, new mild steel working platform built to suit customers  requirements, with duel powder feed with  new control panel supplied to suit new work place with the original inverter. 
Item Ref: N9547-03
N9779-08 : 11000L M/S Vertical Enclosed Tank
11000L M/S Vertical Enclosed Tank Mild Steel 2000mm Dia X 3800mm Tall. Flat Bottom With 2 Off 76mm Bsp Outlets. Dish Top With Centre 450mm Manway. 2 Off 75mm Bsp Inlets. Made By Joseph Ash To Bss799g Standard. (Used For Solvent And Light Oil) overall height 4200mm. 

Cleaned inside and out inside coated with vegtable oil to protect steel out side painted under coat and Gloss top coat to suit customer company colours scheme. 
Item Ref: N9779-08
N9833-01 : 1000L Lleal S/S C/Rotating Mixer
Stainless steel contra rotating scraped surface jacketed mixer with hemispherical bottom. Outer scrape anchor and centrally mounted sawtooth dispersion mixer with 18.5 kW 955 rpm drive. Variable speed anchor scrape mixer 5 .5 kW 6.48 rpm. With raise lower lid.  Stripped down Steam Jacket hydraulic pressure test to jacket. Contra Geared drive serviced seals bearings etc. New high speed motor fitted. New PTFE scrapers fitted. Hydraulic rams serviced. New power pack fitted. Chamber hydraulic pressure test as per stamp. Dry run test. New control panel supplied to suit customers environment. Re-used for a Cosmetic Cream application. Originally used to mix toothpaste.  
Item Ref: N9833-01
N9825-04 : 1200L S/S Jktd Hemispherical Mixing Pan

Fitted with New Combination Rigal Bennett  Stirrer System with new Lid & Bridge,  Centre Mounted 5.5 Kw 30 Rpm Scraped Anchor Mixer,  off centre 7.5 Kw 2880 RPMRigal Bennett Shearhead Mixer, on other side 4kw 290 to 600 Rpm Incorporator Mixer

Item Ref: N9825-04
N9821-01 : 500L S/S Jktd Anchor Scrape Stirrer 4 Kw
Fitted with New Stainless Steel Lid and bridge, centre mounted 4Kw 40 RPM Scraped surface anchor stirrer, of centre 2.2 Kw variable speed  incorporator 290 to 600 Rpm fitted with marine impellers. with control panel to suit customers requirements.
Item Ref: N9821-01
RC1020C-16 : Gericke Mild Steel Rotary Sieve
Mild Steel Rotary Sieve Model CSM1022MW with 150 mm dia x 600 mm Face with 2.2 Kw Belt drive.
Rotary Sieve unit was stripped down, cleaned inside and out, bearings and seals replaced, motor electrically tested bearings replaced, new belts fitted, new sieve screen supplied to suit customers requirements, new wheels fitted.  
Item Ref: RC1020C-16
N9895-11 : Sturtevant Jaw Crusher 250Mm X 75Mm Gap
Mild Steel Cast Iron Jaw Crusher. stripped down fully serviced fitted with new bearing, seals, new electric motor belts and new guards. Mounted on a mild frame with primary jaw crusher access platform with stairs and safety rails supplied as part of a working system with vibro feeder, spiral elevator, swing hammer mill and  quality check sieve. with sequence controller to suit client application.
Item Ref: N9895-11
N9991-03 : 18.5 Kw Mastermix Hyd Sawtooth Mixer
Serviced and reworked detail as follows:

Mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower. Mild steel housing to be fitted with 2.2 kw 23 Rpm hollow shafted gear drive with Stainless steel side wall paddle with PTFE hinged scrapers to suit tank profile. With center drive motor 11 kw  1440 Rpm mounted on mild Stee1 bell housing with  Stainless steel shaft 1000mm Long with With 250mm Dia Sawtooth Head .  Mild Steel Powder coated control panel with Isolator , E stop with door mounted Start- Stop light indication when on for each stirrer with Digital Inverter to give Variable Speed control for Sawtooth Mixer Drive And Scrap Surface Mixer. With Safety circuit to suit customer requirements.
Item Ref: N9991-03
N9989-10 : 1000L S/S Jktd Gardam U-Trough Mixer
Unit supplied with new stainless steel oil jack as original failed pressure test, with new stainless steel lid to suit customer, with new Geared motor, then mounted on 2000mm box section legs to increase ground clearence and fitted with air operated slide vale.
Item Ref: N9989-10
N10138-10 : 2500L M/S Peat Drewery U-Trough Mixer

U-Trough Mixer 1200mm x 1400mm x 2200mm.  Packed gland with 2 off 250 x 250mm air operated outlets.  Driven by 22kW 25 rpm geared drive unit with 14" gear box. Unit was stripped down cleaned inside and out, bearings and seals replaced. New lids fitted, New larger discharge valves fitted to the base to suit customers working methods. Painted under coat and gloss.

Item Ref: N10138-10
N10178-40 : Dce Unimaster Dust Collector Uma454
Dust Collector sold in good working condition to replace a 25 square meter unit. Stripped down,cleaned inside and out. fitted with new motors to suit application, New filter bags and door seal. Painted undercoat and gloss colour to suit customer.
Item Ref: N10178-40
N10190-02 : 25,000L S/S Vert Enc Combination Mixer
25,000L Used Vertical Unheated Mixing Tank, fitted with  bottom manway  & outlets, New Bridge and lid internal baffles, with 22 Kw Rigal Bennett Paddle stirrer and 45 Kw Sawtooth Mixer
Item Ref: N10190-02
N10189-01 : 15,500L S/S Vert Open Mixer Tank
15,500L Stainless Steel Vertical Enclosed Tank 2600mm cleaned inside and out.  Mounted on legs to give 600mm ground clearance with side 460mm x 400mm manway. fitted with New Stainless Steel lid to suit with M/S bridge to suit paddle geared stirrer.  Tank fitted with 4 New internal baffles to suit GP550-63 Rigal Bennett Paddle Stirrer. for use in the food flavours industry.
Item Ref: N10189-01
N10216-16 : 650Mm Dia S/S Boulton Single Deck Sieve
Stainless Steel Single DeckType E2/1A/Shbt
0.5 kW 3 Ph Vibro Motor.Overall height 1,000 mm

Unit stripped down.
Cleaned inside and outside.
Motor electrically tested for resistance & earth.
Balance springs replaced as required,
new mesh screen fitted to suit customer requirements, 
new screen seals fitted.
Painted and under coat and gloss coat colour to suit customer
Item Ref: N10216-16
N10320-01 : 250L S/S Hemispherical Jktd Mixer Pan
760mm Dia X 720mm Deep to 32mm Dia Bottom Outlet. With Hinged Lid fitted with 0.75 kw FLP 412 rpm Marine Stirrer.  

Supplied as a combination stirrer system with1.5 kw  Rigal Bennett 400 rpm marine paddle stirrer & Rigal Bennett Shearhead Mixer 4 Kw FLP ATEX Zone 1

Mounted on fork lift type portable base to assist with location & control panel to suit. 
Item Ref: N10320-01
N10503-03 : 2000L S/S R&B Combination Mixer
2000L Stainless Steel Rigal Bennett Combination Mixer Vessel with top entry bridge mounted 4kW 30 rpm stainless steel anchor fitted with PTFE hinged scrapers and off-centre mounted 18.5kW 2880 rpm Rigal Bennett Sawtooth Mixer.  Mounted on mild steel structure to suit hydraulic raise/lower sawtooth mixer head within the vessel unit. Built New 2005, purchased as a used unit and then re-sold back into the Coatings Industry after a full service in 2012.
Item Ref: N10503-03
RC1242-01 : 11000L S/S Dimple Jktd Mixing Tank
Existing used  Reactor serviced  with internal baffles altered to suit application and fitted with new Rigal Bennett Combination Stirrer System, 11Kw medium speed paddle stirrer and 45 Kw Sawtooth Mixer both FLP Atex Zone 1 Rated with seal to suit reactor.
Item Ref: RC1242-01
N10550-03 : 0.75 Kw Silverson S/S In Line Mixer
Used Stainless Steel Inline Mixer Model 275LS with fine high shear screen.  Sold in good working condition to the Dairy Industry, fitted with new Bearings and Mechanical Seal with elastomers to suit application.
Item Ref: N10550-03
RC1284-13 : Niro S/S Production Minor Spray Dryer
Electrically Heated Spray Drier. Stainless Steel With Spinning Disc Atomiser Head To Give Up To 30Kgs Per Hour Of Evaporation From Aprox 37.6Kw Heat Source. Chamber Size 1200mm X 900mm On Straight X 900mm Deep Cone With 30L Chamber Catchment Pot And 15L Cyclone Catchment Pot. Cleaned inside and out, moving parts serviced as required bearings seals replaced as required, Elements rewired and New control panel fitted.  
Item Ref: RC1284-13
N10781-23 : Assidoman Medway Single Head Sack Filler S/S 50 Kg.

Stainless steel single head open sack filler with load star Assidoman type G90 Weigh head controller to suit 10 to 50 Kg.  Open sacks fitted with clamp nozzle 310mm x 150mm mounted on mild steel frame to give 1,420mm ground clearance. With 1,000L stainless steel feed hopper 1,050mm x 1,050mm x 200mm deep on the straight with 720mm deep cone to 300mm square slide valve electric over air controls. 

Overall size 1,700mm x 1,300mm x 2,770mm tall with Medway 150 stitcher mounted on telescopic frame .

Replaced missing powder feed shoots and bellows, remounted feed hopper to uit custoemr application. 

Item Ref: N10781-23
N10199-02 : 5500L S/S Enclosed Vertical Mixing Tank 2.2 Kw
Ex lubricating oil mixer tank, Cleaned inside and outside, stirrer drive motor serviced bearing seals, New Internal coil fitted designed to be removable for cleaning, New Stainless Steel Lid fitted to suit customer and bolt removable to access the vessel 
Item Ref: N10199-02
ND-11553-03 : 18.5 Kw Mastermix Hyd Sawtooth Mixer FLP
Mixer was stripped down mechanical, hydraulic & Electrical parts serviced, Safety lid reworked to suit customer then cleaned and painted.
Item Ref: ND-11553-03
ND-11952-03 : 45 Kw Silverson M/S Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver
4 off Mild steel outer shafts 21/4" Dia x 2135mm long, central rotor shaft is 3" Dia, base slotted head stator is 305 mm dia with 36 off  12mm x 65mm slots mounting flange OD 585 mm dia. fitted with inverted 300 mm dia two bladed disintegrator rotor with 4 off static grinding teeth 75 mm deep. with bolt removable draft tube 580 mm dia x 610 mm deep. driven by 45 Kw 975 Rpm 3 phase TEFC Motor with mounting flange 830 mm x 660 mm to suit mixer tank bridge. overall height 3200 mm

Mixer unit required a complete rebuild, the only used item was the customers motor which was serviced, new shafts, new bearings, new rotors paddles & new stators supplied with mount flange to suit customers exisitng bridge
Item Ref: ND-11952-03
ND-12267-01 : 500L S/S JKTD Giusti Scraped Surface Mixer 4 kW
500L S/S JKTD Giusti Scraped Surface Mixer  4 kW
Stainless Steel Reactor fitted with anchor stirrer with PTFE hinged scrapers and a new 2.2 Kw Rigal Bennett Shearhead Mixer. base connections blanked jacket and chamber tested as per name plate.
Item Ref: ND-12267-01
ND-12273-33 : 1350 LPM Labour S/S JKTD Type 15MSO
Stainless steel jacketed pump, duty 1350 LPM at 40m heat  with 100 mm dia inlet and 60 mm dia outlet mechanical seal, with direct coupled 30 Kw 2900 Rpm motor mounted on a bed plate overall size 1500 mm x 520 mm x 600 mm tall.

Pump striped down replace bearings as required, mechanical seal sent to specialist for service with the elastomers replaced within the seal to suit customer application, the drive motor was replaced, a new guard fitted. The pump was then painted    
Item Ref: ND-12273-33
ND-12355-02 : 9,500 L S/S Vertical Enclosed Mixing Tank 3 kW
9,500 L S/S Vertical Enclosed Mixing Tank 3 kW
Mounted on 4 mild steel legs to give 250 mm ground clearance with 3 kW approx 120 Rpm  lightnin stirrer. Made by Forfab 

Cleaned inside and outside. Geared drive motor serviced.  Fitted with new internal coil  and stainless steel lid, to suit customers requirements.
Item Ref: ND-12355-02
ND-12446-10 : 2,500L S/S U Morton U - Trough Ribbon Mixer 30 kW
2,500 L S/S Morton U Trough Mixer 30 Kw
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender 1,020 mm x 3,048 mm x 1,250 mm. With Interrupted Ribbon Paddle Agitator, with two 300 mm x 200 mm outlets. Stainless Steel lid. with 30 Kw geared drive with 40 to 1 ratio gear box to give out put speed about 36 Rpm, overall size 3,900 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,500 mm tall

  • Strip down and clean inside out (return S/S trough to Stainless steel only) external clad gear drive and motor and end bearing.
  • Check replace bearings as required
  • Re work the lid as per customer requirements
  • Check and replace all lid seals with customer to suit application
  • Repack gland rotor shaft seals
  • Electrically test drive for resistance and earth
  • Mechanically check drive replace bearing and seals as required
  • To remove all paint
  • Re locate outlet from middle to end
  • Mount on stainless steel box section frame with legs to give 2,500 mm ground clearance

Item Ref: ND-12446-10
ND-12457-02 : 200 L S/S Enclosed Mixer Tank
200L Stainless Steel Enclosed Mixer Tank.
Stainless Steel 560 mm dia x 795 mm deep with flat radiused bottom to 25 mm dia outlet.

Fitted with  9 turns of  New Stainless Steel Coil for heating. Mixer tank mounted on Stainless Steel stub legs. Then lagged with rockwool and fitted with an outer cladding.
Item Ref: ND-12457-02
ND-12580-01 : 1,000L S/S JKTD Webster Hemispherical Contra Rotational Vacuum Mixer
1,000L S/S JKTD Webster Hemispherical Contra Rotational Vacuum Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber with Stainless Steel Jacket Contra Rotating Scraped Surface Jacketed Mixer With Hemispherical Bottom 1250mm Dia X 1250mm Deep With swing bolt removable lid, with centre mounted Outer Scrape Anchor And Centrally Contra Paddles. Bottom Entry Shearhead  Mixer about 11 Kw 1450 Rpm Drive. Variable Speed Anchor Scrape Mixer 5.5Kw 6.48 Rpm. to 20 rpm out scraped anchor inner paddler about 60 rpm. Chamber W.P. 1.4 Bar/Full Vacuum. Test Pressure 2.1 Bar.  Jacket W.P 3.44 Bar/ Full Vacuum Test Pressure 5.16 Bar Design Temp 150 Deg.c.. 1990. Unit Type 1-35 With Hydraulic Raise Lower Lid. Overall Size aprox 2,200mm X 2,200mm X 4500mm Tall.

Unit Stripped down, cleaned inside and out jacket and chamber pressure tested as stamp, bearings seals replaced as required, mild steel drives painted, assembled with modified platform to suit 400 L Hot additions and 110L cold additions with Stirrers, pumps and pipe work to suit customer requirements 

Item Ref: ND-12580-01
ND-12893-01 : 2,300L S/S JKTD Enc Mixing Tank 4 kw
Stainless Steel 1/2 Coil Jacketed chamber 1,400 mm dia x 1,500 mm deep dish top and bottom with bottom 2 off 75 mm dia outlets plus side 75 mm dia outlet mounted on three legs to give 500 mm ground clearance. top with 350 x 350 mm manway 2 off 50 mm dia inlets. With centre mounted 4 kw 20 rpm paddle stirrer. Made by Cellier jacket working pressure 2 bar. 

Cleaned inside & out.
Pressure test 1/2 coil jacket.
Remove original stirrer.
Re worked lid connections to suit new client.
Make new mild steel support frame to suit new stirrer.
Mount 22 kw 25 rpm angle paddle stirrer.
Supplied with Gas Fired Wanson Hot oil Boiler to heat jacket.
With 6 m high Belt and bucket elevator
To be fed by 1 to 2 T powder big bag discharge unit.
Supplied with interconnecting pipe work to be dust free.
Delivered and located within clients facility

Item Ref: ND-12893-01
ND-13189-01 : 2,400L Fryma JKTD Reactor VME-2400
Stainless Steel chamber & Jacket 1,600 mm dia x 1,550 mm deep dished top & bottom with 120 mm dia outlet. Chamber rated Vacuum -1 bar , Jacket rated 2.5 bar, mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower centre mounted 7.5 kw 22 rpm anchor scrap stirrer. 30 kw 970 rpm saw tooth mixer with 350 mm dia mixer head, colloid mill homogeniser drive missing   Overall size  3,325 mm x 2,000 mm x 3,325 mm closed height, with 4,400 mm open height.

Unit Stripped down, Pressure tested as per makers stamp, original raise lower ram and bearings replaced with new, new center anchor paddle drive  new bearings, seals and sprockets  fitted, New Rigal Bennett Sawtooth Mixer & Rigal Bennett Shearhead mixer supplied to suit client with New, CIP spray balls  and other connections to suit client, new lid seal fitted, New flush mounted bottom out let and 2 off flush mounted bottom powder feed connections to suit application,  new lid seal fitted with new Gee clamps to suit lid.  All remaining mild steel parts under coated and gloss painted. New raise lower powder pack with new control panel with each stirrer having digital inverter speed control and controlling features to suit application.
Item Ref: ND-13189-01
ND-13267-12 : Augusts Muller Mixer M/S 55 kw
Mild Steel Cast Iron Chamber 2,130 mm dia x 1,200 mm deep with 760 mm dia x 125 mm face roller with aprox 55 kw geared drive
mounted on mild steel base

To service Augusts mixer plan to carry out works as described.

1     Strip down
2     Clean inside & out
3     Inspect and report findings
4     Strip down existing gear box replace bearing  and seals
5     Check gearbox remain serviceable
6     Check axial roller arm and scraper blade remain serviceable replace if required.
7     Replace bearings and seals as required.
8     Inspect roller ware plates replace as required.
9     Replace outlet valve bearings & seals supply new hydraulic actuator
10   Replace electric drive motor
11   Replace mild steel lid to suit clients installation with inspection manway, feed ports and extraction vent with hand hydraulic lift for cleaning
12   Paint under coat and gloss paint

Item Ref: ND-13267-12
ND-13550-03 : High Lift Mobile 250 Kilo Stirrer Crane -Type H28HC-63
Supplied with 7.5 Kw Rigal Bennett Hook mounted Shearhead Mixer with intermediate impeller. Supplied with 2 off 900L Stainless Steel open toped used tanks mounted on Wheels with Forklift points. fitted with 75 mm dia bottom outlets valves & Elbow reducers to smaller valves and hose tails, to suit our client requirements to mix then fill IBC or route to a filling machine. all units stripped cleaned serviced and modified to suit the the owners requirements and working environment.
Item Ref: ND-13550-03
ND-13784-03 : 15 kw Silverson inline mixer type 600L
Stainless Steel inline mixer with fine screen head rotor 150 mm dia inlet / outlet 72 mm dia with 15 kw 3,000 rpm overall size 950 mm x 600 mm x 810 mm tall

To be fitted with new Mechanical Seal, New FLP Atex rated motor & fitted with New Slotted head.

To be mounted with stainless Steel circulation pipe work to suit 1,000L Holding tank fitted with New FLP Atex Slow speed stirrer to keep product in suspension.
Item Ref: ND-13784-03
COB-4500-63 : 4,500L S/S JKTD Rigal Bennett Combination Mixer
4,500L S/S JKTD Rigal Bennett Combination Mixer
Stainless Steel Fabricated 304 grade Chamber 1,730 mm x 1,800 mm Deep with inverted cone base to 150 mm dia outlet with skirt mount to give 2,300 mm ground clearance. With bottom entry 11 kw 20 Rpm 4 bladed Stainless Steel  Anchor Paddle with PTFE Hinged Scrapers. Dish top with 610 mm dia Manway  150 mm dia Vent connection 4 off product inlet connections to suit with side mounted 55 kw  960 Rpm Sawtooth Dispersion Mixer  with 500 mm dia sawtooth dispersion disc. Mounted on Mild Steel hydraulic rasie lower column. supplied with mild steel powder coated Controller with Isolator E Stop, safety circuit to suit, each stirrer  with timer & inverter control with digital display on the panel for each stirrer drive, Start  - Stop for hydraulic power pack ,with raise - lower sawtooth stirrer control, plus  product temperature digital  indication on panel door. Start - Stop [ other options available at extra cost]
Item Ref: COB-4500-63
ND-13835-10 : 100L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer
Supplied after a service in one of our workshops
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer
Stripped down,
Cleaned inside and out
New bearings and seals fitted
Body sent to be powder coated
New lid supplied to suit clients working requirements.
Mounted on wheels to be portable.

Supplied after a service in one of our workshops

Item Ref: ND-13835-10