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2.2 Kw 1405 Rpm Rubber Lined Stirrer
Flange Mounted Stirrer With 1000 M/M Long Shaft And 200 M/M Dia Propeller. Made By R.T.V.Systems
Item Ref: N8111-03
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DM153-63 R&B Drum/IBC Stirrer 1.5 kw
1.5 kw 3 phase 1,440 rpm unit with stainless steel shaft 760 mm long with 120 mm dia Impeller. Mounted on mild steel IBC bridge mount. 

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Item Ref: ND-12685-03
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1.5 kw Rigal Bennett IBC Stirrer & Bridge
1.5 kw 400 to 1440 rpm variable speed Inverter drive motor, with 760 mm long stainless steel shaft and 300 mm dia centripetal propeller mounted on a stainless steel bridge [ Ex Demo ]
Item Ref: ND-13243-03
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SPX Flow Lightnin Plate Mount Air Powered Marine Stirrer TCL-M5P- 250
1.1 kw Air operated geared stirrer 60 to 600 rpm with adjustable plate clamp type mount
stainless steel shaft 3/4" dia x 900 mm long with 200 mm swep diameter marine impeller
Item Ref: ND-13181-03
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0.75 Kw 930 Rpm Axial Tube Mixer
Stainless Steel Mixer Flange Mounted 900 mm Long
Item Ref: S9676-03
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0.75 kw Lightnin Mixer Type HQ 75 A Mounted On Raise - Lower Stand
Pneumatically operated 0.75 kw 80 to about  800 Rpm with 25 mm dia shaft 910 mm long with 130 mm dia impeller mounted on a stainless steel Rasie lower stand 1,340 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,500 mm tall with 740 mm reach 1350 mm closed height with 1,400 mm of lift

Item Ref: ND-13613-03
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Flange Mounted Air Stirrer 0.57/1.1 Kw
With Gast 4 Am Motor. Shaft And Marine Propeller
Item Ref: S9863-03
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0.55 Kw 1440 Rpm Flp Stirrer
Stainless Steel Turbine Type Stirrer With Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: N3662-03
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0.55 Kw Lightnin Flange Mounted Stirrer
Flameproof. 400 Rpm With Packed Gland. 32 mm Dia. Shaft, 1000 mm Longin Stainless Steel. 250 mm Dia. Marine Impellor.
Item Ref: N7720-03
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0.37 kw 1440 RPM S/D Flange Mounted Marine Stirrer
Stainless Steel Stirrer shaft 16 mm dia x 800 mm long with 100 mm Dia Marine Impeller with 0.37 kw 1440 rpm 1 phase drive motor.

Item Ref: ND-13318-03
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0.37Kw 100-2000Rpm Adelphi Stirrer
With Stainless Steel Shaft 1000mm Long With 1 Off 120mm Dia Impellor. Mounted On Mild Steel Portable Raise/Lower Stand With 1 Ph Invertor.
Item Ref: N8967-03
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Agitator Shaft S/S 40Mm Diam 3M Long
Currently Fitted With 500 mm Marine Impellor
Item Ref: N6615-03
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