Agitator Inline Continuous Stirrer

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Maelstrom Icv100 Inline Mixer 55 kW
Stainless Steel Maelstrom Icv100 Inline Ipm Production Mixer with 100mm Dia Twin Stage Rotor with Mech Seal Mounted on Bed Plate. Currently Bare Shafted. Requires 55 kW Drive Motor.
Overall Size 1,300mm X 1,250mm X 860mm Tall
Item Ref: N10446-03
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Bran & Luebe Pentax Mixer S/S Jktd Kmf70
Stainless Steel Jacketed Inline 3 Stage Mixer With 70mm Dia In/Outlet Connections With Packed Glands And 22 Kw 960 Rpm Drive Overall Size 1200mm X 1200mm X 500 mm Tall
Item Ref: RC1184-03
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18.5/11 kw S/S Pentax type multi‐frequency high shear in line mixer
Stainless steel two stage pump with 50mm dia Tri clover inlet and 75 mm outlet 50 mm outlet
with direct coupled 18.5/11 kw 2880 / 1440 rpm drive motor. Overall size 1,000mm x 400 mm
x 450 mm tall weight about 550 kg.
This description outlines a specific type of high shear mixer pump. It appears to be
an in‐line Pentax Type multi‐frequency fluid high shear mixer pump made of
stainless steel. 

Material: Stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance to
corrosion, making it suitable for various industries where sanitary conditions are
Inlet and Outlet Size: The pump features a 50mm diameter Tri Clover inlet and
two outlets—one 75mm and another 50mm. Tri Clover fittings are commonly used
in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology due to
their sanitary design and ease of cleaning.
Motor: It's equipped with a direct‐coupled drive motor with a power rating of
18.5/11 kW. This motor likely offers two power settings, 18.5 kW and 11 kW, and
operates at either 2880 or 1440 rpm ﴾revolutions per minute﴿. The variation in
power and speed can accommodate different viscosity fluids or mixing
Dimensions: The overall size of the mixer pump is specified as 1,000mm x
400mm x 450mm tall, and it weighs approximately 550 kg. These dimensions are
crucial for installation and determining the space required for the equipment.
This equipment's design and specifications suggest it's intended for high‐
performance mixing, emulsification, and pumping tasks in industries where precise
fluid processing and controlled shear forces are necessary. The variable power
settings and different outlet sizes enhance its versatility for various applications.
Item Ref: ND-14032-03
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R-B Inline Shearhead Mixer 11Kw
Mono Block Design Foot Mounted 3Ph 2880 Rpm Drive. S/S Chamber With Slotted Shearhead Screen. Complete With Mechanical Seal. 75mm Dia Inlet & 50mm Dia Outlet Connection Flanged. All Contact Parts 316 Grade S/S.
Item Ref: RC1313-03
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Silverson Inline Flash Mixer 4Kw
Stainless Steel Vertical Flash Mixer Type Eff Mk2. Powder Feed Hopper With Auger Feed To 2 Stage Shearhead Mixer With 50mm Dia Outlet. Skid Mounted With Recycle Tank 550L 780mm Dia X 1200mm Tall With 400mm Deep Cone To 38mm Dia Iss Outlet. With Apv Cl/15/0210/10 Recirculation Pump To Give Approx. 100 Lpm At 4 Bar. Mounted With Transon Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Type U5-19-1800-Hs20ss. Stainless Steel Tubes Mild Steel Shell 4Kw Rated. Tubes 29 Deg.C At 100 Psi W.P. 80 Lpm. Jacket 60 Deg.C. At 100 Psi 90 Lpm. Overall Skid Mount Size 1500mm X 1700mm X 2200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9631-03
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4Kw S/S Moritz Tr100 Inline Shear Mixer
4Kw 2900 Rpm Stainless Steel Two Stage General Purpose Inline Mixer With 30mm Dia In/Outlet Connections. Overall Size 600mm X 300mm X 400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10085-03
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