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Malthus Instruments Fh15
0.85Kw Water Heater. Mains Water Cooling. Overall Size 460mm X 700mm X 550mm Tall.
Item Ref: N8608-22
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Churchill Thermocirculators, 1 Kw
1 Ph. 1000 Watt. Model No. 00189.Temperature Ambient To 60 Deg C Internal Capacity 3 Pints Overall Size 290mm High 165mm Wide 330mm Deep 6mm Connections
Item Ref: S8361-22
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In-Line S/S Heater Approx 1 Kw
Stainless Steel In-Line. Electric 1 Ph Water Heater. 75 mm Dia X 440 mm Long. 12.5 mm Connections. Lagged And Sheeted.
Item Ref: S9853-22
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Replacement Oil circulation Pump Type C-572 [ Without Motor]
Item Ref: BHS-12702-22
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Replacement Oil circulation Pump Type C-572 1.8 kw
With 1.8 kw 3 phase 380-415 Volt 50 Hz Motor
Item Ref: BHS-12701-22
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Harvard Thermocirculators, 1 Kw
1 Ph. 1000 Watt. Cat. No. 50-1940 External Size 290mm High 165mm Wide 330mm Deep With 12mm Connections
Item Ref: S8362-22
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Churchill Oil Heater Model 6-200 6 kW
Compact type oil-cooler heater 3 Phase 415V 50 Hz 
Overall size 310mm x 800mm x 950mm Tall.
Model 6 200 [needs a new digital controller]
Item Ref: N10957-22
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Churchill Oil Heater 6 Kw

Compact type oil heater 6 Kw 3 phase 50 Hz 15 Amp. 0 to 120  Deg.c 660mm x 510mm x 1080mm Tall

Item Ref: N10848-22
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Churchill Water Heater Model 12-140 F3 7.5 Kw 0 to 110 Deg.C

Compact type Water heater 3 Phase 415V 50 Hz 18 Amp overall size 310mm x 700mm x 550mm Tall

Item Ref: N10853-22
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8kw Replacement Heating Element
8000 Watt 420 Volt 3 Phase
Item Ref: BHS-12700-22
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9 Kw New Compact Oil Heater 250 Deg.C
Electric Oil Heater 3 Phase Supply. 250 Deg.C With 110Kw Cooling Flow Up To 50 L/Min 3.8 Bar Overall Size 755mm X 360mm X 920mm High 60 Kg.
Item Ref: RC770G-22
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9Kw Tool Temp Hot Water Heater Type TT430

3 Phase 9 Kw Hot Water Heater up to 100 deg.c Mounted in case on casters overall size 360mm x 920mm x 920mm tall

Item Ref: N10842-22
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