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Alfa Laval Disc Stack Self Cleaning Centrifuge WHPX 513-TGT
Alfa Laval Disc Stack Self Cleaning Centrifuge WHPX 513-TGT  Oil Purifier DE sludger Disc Centrifuge 329 Stainless Steel Bowl Aluminium Top cover Concentrator Design (Liquid/Liquid/Solids Seperation) Direct Coupled  15 kw [ This unit is incomplete and offered as spares only ]
Item Ref: ND-12903-17
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Escher Wyss S/S Pusher Centrifuge P1
Stainless Steel Centrifuge. Bowl Dia. 250 mm. Two Stage. 7.5 Kw Bowl. Drive With 4 Kw Hydraulic Pusher Power Pack.
Item Ref: N7640-17
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Sharples Pusher Type Centrifuge Cd3000
Stainless Steel Pusher Centrifuge Driven By 18 Kw Motor. Bowl Size 400 Dia. 250 mm Long. Bowl Speed 1500 Rpm Two Stage Machine. Serial No: 69561 B3692356
Item Ref: N5092-17
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Westfalia Disc Stack C-Fuge Sa7-06-076
All Stainless Steel Contact Parts. {Please Note Bowl And Motor Drive Are Missing.} Sold As Parts Only.
Item Ref: N9533-17
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Alfa Laval Disc Stack Centrifuge S/S MAPX207-SGT-24-50
Stainless Steel 316 Grade Purifier Centrifuge, Max Bowl Speed approx 5250 Rpm Rated 1075-4550 LPH Light Phase Discharge Under Pressure, Heavy Phase By Gravity 7.5 Kw Flp 440/3/60/1440 Rpm & Tools.
Item Ref: RC1389-17
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Alfa Laval Disc Stack Self Cleaning Centrifuge MAPX 213 15 KW
Stainless Steel Bowl Self Cleaning Centrifuge with 15 kW drive motor 
recently serviced 
Item Ref: ND-12547-17
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Alpha Laval S/S Disc type MRPX 218 TGV 74C Centrifuge 30 Kw
Stainless Steel disc stack type centrifuge previously used on milk production up to 12,000 LPH. bowl aprox 700 mm dia x 800 mm deep. With about 30 kw 1450 rpm drive motor Overall size 1220mm x 1,610mm x 1,700 mm tall . original control panel serial number 290755
Item Ref: ND-12828-17
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