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17.5 L DGC Downflow Gas Contactor Reactor Column
Stainless Steel  100 NB X 1560mm with 1" bsp connection one end and 1" Bsp ,1" BSPT & 1/4" NTP connection at the other   Process: Design Pressure - 10 Bar,g ; Design temp - 100 deg.C With Companion flanges
[Designed to use with graphite internals to suit mass transfer carbon absorption & capture internal material is missing]
[Contact Parts-SS 316] New & Unused
Item Ref: ND-13168-20
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S/S Scrubbing Column 355M/M Dia 2000Tall
Stainless Steel Column To 500 M/M Deep Cone To 38 M/M Dia Outlet With Top Side 75 M/M Dia Inlet Top 12 M/M Inlet Mounted On Legs To Give 610 M/M Ground Clearance
Item Ref: N8174-20
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Grp Forbes Column 740 Dia X 4960 Mm Tall
With Cone Bottom To 75 mm Dia. Outlet. Various Top Connections. Overall Size 8160 mm. Internal Gel Coat External Resin Gel 382-05A. Machine Number: 34739/1/4 Year 1987
Item Ref: N7615-20
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