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Alexanderwerk S/S Twin Roll Moist Granulator MG100
Stainless Steel twin roller mill 90mm dia x 160mm face with one solid roller 100mm dia x 160mm face and the perforated rollers are currently with 2 mm holes and scrape blade. to give through puts up to 500 KG per hour on each  side. mounted with feed of 120mm x 120mm at 1700mm feed height, with 150mm dia x 910mm long hand operated discharge conveyor auger for the discard product. over all size 1200mm x 1200mm x 1700mm tall.
Item Ref: 11466
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Alexanderwerk Wp50/75 Compactor
With Stainless Steel Horizontal Twin Screw Screw Feed Through To Vertical Compacting Rolls 80mm Face X 150mm Dia. Overall Size 1100mm X 800mm X 1400 Tall. Machine No; 09605
Item Ref: N9902-49
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Simon Heesen Orbital Pellet Press
Orbital Pellet Press with 130mm Dia X 50mm Deep Outer Die Ring with 6mm Dia Holes with 120mm X 50mm Deep Orbital Compacting Roller driven by 7.5/10 kW Belt Drive Motor with 150mm X 150mm Outlet Mounted to give 1,000mm Ground Clearance
Overall Size 660mm X 1,100mm X 1,370mm Tall.
Model: M-Labor No: 204-P-013
Item Ref: N10282-49
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Alexanderwerk 2 Roll Paste Compactor
Type Pg180. Twin Roll 80 mm Dia. 180 mm Long. Fitted With Scraper Blades To Convert Paste To Strings 1.1 Kw Variable Speed.Stainless Steel Contact Parts.
Item Ref: S8376-12
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Alexanderwerk Pelletiser Lab Size S/S
Type Gkm Stainless Steel Prebreaker Feeder To Pressure Rollers 1 Knurled Solid 1 Perforated To Pelletise Material With Scraper Discharge 1.5mm.Or 2mm.Dia Holes
Item Ref: S8101-59
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Alexanderwerk Skm Drive Unit 1.0 Kw
For Granulating Attachments For Grating, Shredding And Pelletising. All Stainless Steel.
Item Ref: S8838-59
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Spare rollers and outer rings Andritz Paladin Rotary Pellet Mill Type 600
Mild steel 2 sets of  3 mm die's one set of 6 mm dies plus one set of rollers
Item Ref: ND-13572-11
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