Driers Fluid Bed- Spray

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200L S/S GEA Aeromatic Fluid Bed Spray Granulator Drier type T/SG-5
Stainless Steel Batch type Fluid bed Spray Granulator Drier chamber 1,050 mm Dia with Stainless steel trolley base 1,070 mm Dia x 500 mm deep tapered to 760 mm dia mounted in main chamber 2,300 mm x 1,800mm x 2,500 mm tall with burst vent 2,850 mm tall. With inline hepa type filter Gill tube heat source.  Peristaltic liquid granulation feeder.  Circulation fans to suit. 
Item Ref: ND-11660-13
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4L Prl Lab S/S Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Lab Fluid Bed Drier 140mm Dia X 220mm Deep Chamber With Filter Sock With 1.8 Kw 1 Phase Heat Source 0 To 100 Deg.C Temp Control. Overall Size 500mm X 450mm X 600mm Tall
Item Ref: N10204-13
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0.6 Sq. M Escher Wyss Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Continuous fluid bed drier 300 mm wide x 2,000 mm long with three internal zones within the bed mounted on mild steel portable frame 2,200 mm x 3,500 mm x 3,600 mm tall.
Item Ref: RC1341-13
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0.3 Sq. M Niro Pilot Size Continuous S/S Fluid Bed Drier
Stainless Steel Continuous Fluid Bed Drier 250 mm wide x 1,290 mm long, with 120 mm dia in/outlets.
Overall size 1,600 mm x 800 mm x 1,600 mm tall.   Sn: 8701

Item Ref: ND-12200-13
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450 kg/hr LPG-450 S/S Vertical Spray Drier
Stainless Steel 316L Chamber 5,800 mm dia x 5,950 mm deep with 6,710 mm cone over all height 17,500 mm main chamber , with 1 st catch cyclone, water scrubber, air conveyor system, product collecting 2 nd cyclone, gas burner heat source, vibrator sieve 
Item Ref: ND-12819-13
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2L Aeromatic S/S Batch Fluid Bed Drier/Coater type AES 2.2

Perspex product chamber 250 mm dia to 100 mm dia  x 500 mm deep.  Internal heat source.  Heating capacity 320 kCal per hour, 415v 3 pH electrical supply.  Machine control panel with batch timer, outlet air temp C. perforated plate; air volume; on/off toggle switch for filter cleaning; bowl raise/lower lever; s/s bowl cart with wheels; exhaust air flap valve; fan motor 1.1 kW 2,870 rpm, flap valve control of inlet air.  Overall size 1,250 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-13276-13
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APV/Anhydro Model CC-63 Centrifugal Atomiser
Stainless Steel Spinning Disc Atomizer Head with 220V - 280 W 1.3 A  1 phase Motor. to suit Anhydro S/S Lab Spray Drier
Item Ref: ND-13417-13
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Niro Production Minor Spray Drier up to 30 kg/hr
Electrically Heated Spray Drier. Stainless Steel With Spinning Disc Atomiser Head To Give Up To 30Kgs Per Hour Of Evaporation From Gas Heat source Aprox 37.6Kw Heat Source. Chamber Size 1200mm X 900mm On Straight X 900mm Deep Cone With 30L Chamber Catchment Pot And 15L Cyclone Catchment Pot. Overall size 4,200mm x 1,200mm x 3000mm tall.  [ please note AS IS Price is unit as per enclosed.Within the serviced unit price we offer  with new heat source and control panel]

Item Ref: ND-13764-13
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Niro Production Minor -240v 2.5Kw heating elements
Niro Production Minor 220V -240v 2.5Kw heating elements complete with ¼" BSP Compression glands with threads at 8mm long and crimp on screwed terminations.   Please Note- The cold zone on the elements would be 180mm long.
HS Code: 85 16 90 0099
Item Ref: ND-13809-13
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Niro Atomizer Head F10 LGC06
Niro Stainless Steel Spinning Disc Atomizer Head Type F10.Lgc06 No: 336 With 100mm Dia Spinning Disc 450mm Dia X 650mm Deep With Overall Height 1,100mm
Item Ref: N10654-13
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Niro Spinning Disc Atomiser Head Type F35H DAP
with 110 mm dia spinning disc mounted on 750 mm dia flange x 870 mm long with overall height 1,450 mm
Item Ref: N10719-13
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Atomiser For Niro Pilot Size Spray Drier CK 539

Air Operated CK 539 

Item Ref: S8008-13
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