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Mild Steel Trollies 1350mm (l) x 720mm (w) x 1120mm (h)
with 44 removable plastic trays measuring 630mm x 350mm
Item Ref: ND-14005-13
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5 Kw Heat Source S/S

Stainless Steel ducted heat source 480mm x 500mm x 300mm deep with intake filter Heap 7 Dawson Gill tube heater rated up to 35 Bar and 3 phase 415V 5000W heat source with 1.5 Kw 2880 RPM S/S fan.

Item Ref: N10785-13
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Mild Steel Tolley 1350mm (l) x 720mm (w) x 1570mm (h)
with 64 removable plastic trays measuring 630mm x 350mm
Item Ref: ND-14004-13
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Edwards Freezedrier Modulo
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Having A Ice Trapping Capacity Of 4 Litres For Freeze Drying Biological & Pharmaceutical Preparations But Suitable For Use On Other Vacuum Duties Including Evaporation & Distillation.Overall Dimensions H 332 mm W 535 mm D 622 mm
Item Ref: S9474-28
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Lsl Secroid Sa Lyolab Bii Freeze Drier
Item Ref: RC818-50
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