Driers Rotary Paddle/Vacuum

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0.01 Sq.M. Denver Twin Screw Lab Drier
Stainless Steel With 75mm Dia X 850mm Long Twin Augers. Cored For Heating With External Jacket. Bolt Removable Hinged Lid With 80mm X 150mm Dia Inlet And Outlet. Top Centre 50mm Dia Connection And 75mm Dia Sight Glass. With 0.37Kw Carter Variable Speed Gear Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 1900mm X 1080mm Tall. Auger Screws And Jacket T.P. 10.2 Bar 343 Deg.C.
Item Ref: N9614-24
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175L Guedu 175 S/S JKTD Vacuum Pan Mixer/Drier

Stainless Steel 316 grade chamber 304 grade outer Guedu Pan Drier 175 NO/PO type B machine number 7930. Chamber Full vacuum jacket 1.5 Bar W.P 650mm dia x 560mm deep.  Total volume 190L.  Outlet discharge height 895mm with 7.5 kW EExd II BT4 geared drive motor with hand hydraulic raise lower lid.  Overall size 1,500mm x 1,000mm x 2,500mm tall weight 1,200 kg. 

Item Ref: N10746-13
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14.5Sq.M Buss Contivac Cont Drier S/S
Stainless Steel Type V4504 Jacketed Screw Drier Surface Area 14.5 Sq M Chamber 760L 450mm Dia X 4800mm Long Driven By 75 Kw-27Rpm With Hydraulic Scraper Auger Action Suitable For Vacuum Operation A Separate Drive Reciprocates The Screw To Keep It Wiped. With Control Panel
Item Ref: N5786-13
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2000L S/S JKTD Vacuum Conical Littleford Mixer/Drier Model MBX525

All Stainless Steel Water Jacketed J H Day Littleford Conical mixer Drier Model MBX525. (CS) NAUTA type Conical mixer Drier Chamber Full Vacuum 250F with Stainless Steel Water Jacket. 2000mm dia x 2600mm deep. Overall height 3750mm. With domed welded lid with 610mm x 355mm manway, 2 off 150mm dia sight glasses, 90mm dia, 63mm dia , 50mm dia and 25mm dia inlets with 200mm dia bottom outlet.   Two lump breakers each driven by 7.5KW motor 380/3/50Ac. Main motor driving arm is 0.75KW 380/3/50Ac at 2.2 RPM. Motor for screw is 7.5KW 280/230/460/3/50Ac at 64RPM. (No legs)

Serial No 89328/56135. New 1993. Stainless Steel Control Cabinet. 


Item Ref: N10766-13
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2000L S/S Buss SMS Rovactor
Stainless Steel with 1/2 coil jacket 1,200 mm dia x 4,400 mm long

Item Ref: ND-13294-13
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2,200L Vierco S/S JKTD Vacuum Cone Mixer Drier Type MF200
Stainless Steel Jacketed 2,600 mm dia x 2,900 mm Deep
Item Ref: ND-13296-10
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2,400L Alfred Boltz S/S Vacuum JKTD Cone Mixer Drier Type MF200
Stainless Steel Jacketed 2,700 mm dia x 2,500 mm Deep
Item Ref: ND-13295-13
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4,000L S/S JKTD Vacuum Conical J. H. Day Mixer Model 1225MBX

All Stainless Steel Quality Steam/Water Jacketed Conical Vacuum Mixer made by J. H. Day Model 1225 MBX. Chamber 2,490mm dia x 3,510mm deep  Dish  bolted removable lid with various connections and 500mm dia removable manhole cover. Sprayball Two Lump Breakers each driven by 7.5 kW 380/3/50Ac at 1,465 rpm. Main motor driving arm is 11 kW 190/380/3/50Ac at 2.2 rpm. Motor for screw is 1.5 kW. 190/380/3/50Ac at 64 rpm. (No legs.) Tank Fullvac to 5 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Jacket 125 PSIG @ 353 degrees F, Min jacket temp - 20 degrees F @ 125 PSIG.  Serial number 2099. New 1991. Stainless steel control panel. 

Item Ref: N10765-13
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Buss 6000 L S/S Paddle Vacuum Drier
S/S 1600 Dia.X 4100 mm Long With Top Centre 460mm Dia Inlet. 2 X 120mm Dia. Sight Glasses With 240mm Dia. Centre Plug Valve Outlet. Dished Ends Each With 400 X 300mm Inspection Manway Doors. Vacuum Internally 2 Bar Jktd. Driven By 11 Kw 6 Rpm Fixed Geared Drive Motor . Overall  Size  about 2,000 mm x 7,300 mm x 2,250 mm tall.
Item Ref: N7395-13
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