Dust Collectors Bag/Envelope

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Airmaster Auto M Dust Extractor 1.5Kwflp
Overall Size 3000 M/M High X 860 M/M X 770 M/M.1.5 Kw Flameproof Drive With Auto Shaker
Item Ref: N8489-40
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0.9 Sq. M Drytex Dust Collector DT21 0.25 kW
Mild Steel Dust Collector with 6 off filter socks 110mm dia x 450mm deep with hand shaker and 0.25 2800 rpm 1 phase extraction fan with base mounted dust filter collection tray.  Overall size 480mm x 420mm x 1,100mm tall
Item Ref: N10923-40
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1.2 Sq. m DCE Dust Collector ADT 12
Mild Steel Dust Collector with  0.75 2,800 rpm 3 phase extraction fan, with base mounted dust filter collection tray.  Overall size 650mm x 450mm x 760mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12024-13
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8 sq. m Donaldson Torit DCE Unicell Dust Filter C8 RF1

Mild Steel reverse jet cartridge filter chamber 1,300mm x 1,100mm x 2,500mm tall 0.75 kW

Item Ref: RC1375-40
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Spencer Halstead Dust Collector Type 90
Mild Steel Sack Tipping Unit With 5Kw Fan And Auto Shaker. Overall Size 950mm X 1100mm X 2700mm Tall. Machine No. 90/1/5Kw
Item Ref: N8934-40
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Dce Dust Collector Type Uma 102V
Venting Type Unit Without Fan
Item Ref: N6165-40
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Dce Unimaster Venting Unit Type Uma152v
Overall Size 770 X 770 X 1550 mm Tall.
Item Ref: N7182-40
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DCE Unimaster Sack tipping Dust Collector UMA 150H/K3

Mild Steel Dust Collector with 0.75kw auto bag shaker and 1.5 kw extraction fan. Overall size 800mm x 950mm x 3200mm tall  Split at 1600mm tall with 630mm x 690mm sack tipping port.

Item Ref: RC1390-40
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DCE Unimaster Dust Colector UMA 253 G3
Mild steel chamber 1300mm x 850mm x 2850mm tall with fan approx 3 kW and autoshaker with  powder bucket discharge about  410mm dia x 650mm deep
Item Ref: ND-13221-40
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Environmental Control Dust Collector
Type Cm25. Internal Bag Filter With Shaker And Bucket Discharge. 7.5Kw Fan. Overall Size 1020mm X 910mm X 3300mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9701-40
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Dce Unimaster Dust Collector Uma454- K11
Mild Steel Chamber Overall Size 1900mm X 1200mm X 3650mm Tall With Two Bucket Discharges, Auto Shaker 7.5Kw Extraction Fan And Explosion Membrex Panel
Item Ref: ND-13427-40
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Donaldson Torit DCE Unimaster Dust Collector Type UMA756 K18
Mild steel twin chambers with 15 kw fan rated 4500 cfm overall size 1,200 mm x 2,500 mm x 3500 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13368-40
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