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Luwa Thin Film Evaporator 0.12Sq.M. S/S
Type Ln0012 Wipe Film Evaporator 120 mm Dia X 330 mm Tall. 70 mm & 38 mm Connections. Chamber Vacuum, Body 14 Bar, 200 Deg C With 1.5 Hp Flp Drive. Machine No. L266. 1967.
Item Ref: N7400-14
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0.35 Sq.M. S/S Buss-Luwa Thermalizer
Type Tv-0030 Hdx Processor. Stainless Steel Jacketed 125mm Dia 1070mm Long. Full Vac To 60 Psi At 250 Deg.F. With 4Kw 0-80 Rpm Drive.
Item Ref: N9214-14
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Buss-Luwa Vertical 2 Stage Evaporator
0.54 Sq. M. Filmtruder and 0.35 Sq. M. Thermalizer. Requires Positive Feed Pump to the S/S Thermalizer Luwa Type Processor Type Tv-0030 Duty Full Vacuum or 60 Psi at 250 Deg. F. 
Surface Area 0.3 Sq. M with 4 kW V/Speed Drive S/S 316L or 316Ti Maag Vicorex 70/70 S/S Gear Pump V/Speed Feed Pump 68-136 Lph at Viscosity 500,000 to 1,000,000 Cps with Suction at 23" Hg
Discharge Pressure 4,000 Psi To Filmtruder Type Hs-0050 180mm Dia X 1,470mm Tall Surface Area 0.54S. Sq. M Full Vac at 400 Deg. F S/S 316L or 316Ti Evaporator
Driven by 22 kW Falk Hydraulic Power with 6.7 Sq. M Condenser with 85 Tubes 19mm Dia X 1,220mm Long  
All Skid Mount Frame and Plc Controls.  With complete manuals unit Made in the U.S.A.
Item Ref: N9176-14
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0.54 Sq.M. S/S Buss-Luwa Filmtruder
Type Hs-0050. Stainless Steel Jacketed Chamber 180mm Dia X 1470mm Long With Maag Vortex 70/70 Feed Pump. Variable Speed Pump To Give 68-136 Lph. Chamber Full Vac At 400 Deg.F. Driven By 2.2Kw Faulk Hydraulic Drive.
Item Ref: N9213-14
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S.M.S. Thin Film Evaporator S/S 0.8 Sq.M
S/S 150 Dia. X 1900 mm Tall. Top 150 mm Dia Connection. Bottom 50 mm Dia. Conn- Ection. Chamber Vac Jacket 32 Bar W.P. With 5 Stage Jacket. 1.5 Hp 230 Rpm Flp Drive. Made By Samesrauther Muller Schuss In 1971. Machine No. T160/2127.
Item Ref: N7662-14
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100L S/S Electrically Heated Still
500 Dia. 600 mm Tall with 300mm Dia X 1,220mm Horizontal Column. Electric Jacket with 1 X 150, 4 X 50mm connections.
Item Ref: N5180-14
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280L S/S Evaporator Cyclone
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 610mm Dia X 460mm On The Straight To 1300mm Deep Cone To 150mm Outlet With 210mm Dia Tangential Inlet. With Bolt On Dished Top, 250mm Inlet With Side Mounting Pads. Chamber T.P. 70 Psi, Jacket T.P. 160 Psi. Made By Chematec.
Item Ref: N6305A-14
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320 L S/S Still Base Unit With Coil
810 Dia. 710 mm Deep With Coned Top & 250, 50 & 2 X 25 mm Connections. Flat Bottom With 20 mm Outlet. Internal Coil 1.5 Sq.M. With 6 Turns Of 50 mm Tube
Item Ref: N6945-14
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450 L S/S Half Coiled Still
Stainless Steel Still 1220 Dia. 610 mm Deep With 400, 350, 50 & 38 mmtop Connections & 50 mm Bottom Outlet. Limpet Coil For Heating Suitable For 100 Psi. On Legs For 460 mm Ground Clearance
Item Ref: N2593-14
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550 L S/S Still Base Jacketed
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Jktd Base 800 mm Dia 1100 mm Tall Hemispherical Base To 50 mm Bsp Bsp Outlet.Dished Top With Centre 215 mm 32 mm 2 Off 25 mm Bsp Inlets.Side With 2 Off 150 mm Dia Sight Glasses 50 mmside Conn
Item Ref: N8162-14
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700L S/S Jacketed Still Base
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Jacket 1220mm Dia X 600mm Tall With 650mm Tall Cone To 460mm Flange Outlet With Central 75mm Connection. Side 410mm Dia Connection. Various Other Side Connections. Bottom Centre 50mm Outlet. Mounted On Legs To Give An Overall Height Of 2300mm.
Item Ref: N9750-05
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800L S/S Evaporator Cyclone
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 910mm Dia X 610mm Deep With 1900mm Deep Cone To 210mm Dia Outlet. With 270mm Dia Tangential Inlet And 315mm Top Outlet. Side Mounting Pads With Chamber T.P. 70 Psi. Jacket T.P. 160 Psi. Made By Chematec,
Item Ref: N6304A-14
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