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Piller S/S Fan 1.5 Kw
Stainless Steel Fan 220mm Dia Rotor With 100mm Dia Inlet 80mm Dia Outlet 1.5Kw 2800mm Rpm Belt Drive Motor Type 3298Rxga80080 Rated 3M.Cu/Min At 2 Bar
Item Ref: N10483-29
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400 mm dia M/S Victoria Fan 4 kw
Mils Steel Cage Turbine Fan 400 mm dia with 400 mm dia inlet , 400 mm x 300 mm outlet. rated 120 min at 300 pa. overall size 800 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13218-30
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500MM Dia M/S pollrich Turbine Fan 5 Kw

Mild Steel Cage Turbine Fan 500mm dia with 315 mm Dia inlet with 220mm x 355mm with 5 kw 2800 Rpm belt drive to give a duty of 1.39 at 325 Kg/m.sq

Type AS45/P1/37-SP500-GLS60 skid mounted overall size 1600mm x 1100mm x 1200mm tall

Item Ref: N10724-30
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500Mm Dia Wenger Fan 22Kw
Mild Steel 500mm Dia X 150mm Face. Inlet 580mm Da With Horizontal Outlet 455mm X 550mm. With 22Kw 1425 Rpm Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N9039-30
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Fan Eng Axial Flow Port Hole Fan 610 mm dia 1.1 kw
Mild Steel port hole fan 610 mm dia x 580 mm deep with 1.1 kw 1440 rpm 3 phase drive motor rated 5000 CFM made by Fan Engineering  Serial number 82315/3/51643 Model 610 Type BDA

Item Ref: ND-13007-30
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610 mm dia M/S Fan Systems Fan 18.5 kw
Mild steel Cage Turbine fan 610 mm dia x 320 mm dia rotor with 510 mm dia inlel, 380 mm x 510 mm outlet with 18.5 kw 2800 rpm belt drive rated about at 3,000 pa mounted on mild steel frame overall size 2,000 mm x 1,225 mm , 1,740 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13370-30
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660 Mm Dia S/S Multivane Fan
Stainless Steel Unit With 610 mm Inlet And 610 X 430 mm Outlet Unmotorised Price # 900
Item Ref: N4931-30
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710 Mm Dia Sturtevant S/S Paddle Fan
Stainless Steel Fan With 300 mm Inlet 375 X 150 mm Outlet No Drive Fitted
Item Ref: N4759-30
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760 Mm Dia S/S Multivane Fan
Stainless Steel Unit With 760 mm Inlet And 660 X 610 mm Outlet Unmotorised Price 81100
Item Ref: N4930-30
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800mm dia Cage Turbine Type Fan 11 Kw

Mild Steel Multivane cage turbine fan 800mm dia with 550mm dia inlet with 400mm x 620mm outlet with 15kW 1440 rpm belt drive.  Overall size 1400mm x 1300mm x 1850mm tall.

Item Ref: N10721-30
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950 mm Dia Chemrisist Polypropylene Fan 30 kW
Polypropylene  Centrifugal Fan cage turbine 950 mm dia x 150 mm  face with 620 mm dia inlet and 380 mm x 850 mm dia outlet. With 30 Kw 1440 Rpm belt drive overall size 2,000 mm x 2,000mm x 2,750 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12444-30
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