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Watson Marlow Variable Speed Pump
Fitted With Dial Up 3 Digit Dose And 3 Digit Internal Timer. With Approx 8 mm Dia 2 Meter Long Plastic Tube With Nozzle And Adjustable Stand.
Item Ref: S10034-23
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Filamatic Vial Filler Type AB-5
With Stainless Steel contact parts. 3 Off Piston available giving range From 0 - 130 Ml. Cam adjustment to Stroke. Foot pedal operated
Item Ref: S10055-23
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Camlab Volac Bench Liquid Filler
Air Operated For Vial Filling
Item Ref: S10056-23
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Neumo Liquid Filling M/C S/S Single Head
Air Operated Stainless Steel Liquid Filling Machine 8 To 192 C/C Six Stage Settings Foot Operated
Item Ref: N4454-23
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Pamasol Type 2001 Single Head Filler
Item Ref: ND-12810-23
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Twin Head Depositor Up To 380Ml.
Frame mounted with Pneumatic Controls 15L Stainless Steel Feed Hopper
Item Ref: N8371-23
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Merris Precision Dispensing unit model 16 PC -25-0
with 0 to 47 x 2 oz Divisions  1 phase supply mounted on mild steel powder coated frame with rotary carosel with 16 stainless steel  heads overall size 800 mm x 900 mm x 1,650 mm tall

New & Unused
Item Ref: ND-13525-23
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Romanco Unipac Aluminium Tube filler Type: 2080
To fill Aluminium Tubes
Item Ref: ND-12797-23
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Foodmec 12 Head S/S Rotary Filler
Stainless Steel 12 Head Rotary Jam Filler to Fill 20 to 100 Grm Glass Jars. Designed to fill at a rate of 20 to 120 Jars Per Min with Worm Screw Indexing to Filler Head
Overall size 1,660mm X 2,500mm X 2,000mm Tall.  Machine Number 4954/B
Item Ref: N10265-23
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Nordenmatic Plastic Tube Filler Sealer Type NM 2002 150 to 175ML
Automatic Tube filler sealer with vertical Tube loading magazine, tilting station inter changeable pockets, centering tube by photocell, volumetric piston tube filler with stainless steel rotary valve, stainless steel nozzle , feed from about 45 L feed hopper with 14 mm dia feed, jaws for sealing  and coding  variable speed drive, current tooling to suit 40 mm dia feed piston 180 mm and 210 mm deep [ fill range 150 to 175 ml dosing nozzle 16 mm blowing nozzle 12 mm dia, output upto 120 tubes per minut
Item Ref: ND-13200-23
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Merz Vertical liquid sachet forming filler and sealer Model MP-2 Type 091
Merz Vertical liquid sachet forming filler and sealer machine Model MP-2 Type 091 Stainless steel
fill range 0.5 to 180 ml,Sachet width 15-160 mm length up to 240 mm up to 60 per min diameter of film real max 500 mm seal pressure up to 20,000N 6 bar

Item Ref: ND-13583-23
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S/S Single head Liquid paste filler 50 to 250 ML
Stainless Steel single head liquid paste filler 50 to 250 MLwith 40 L feed hopper 400mm dia x 400mm deep to feed volumetric filler piston with 10mm dia discharge nozzle.
Item Ref: ND-12072-23
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