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Enercon Induction heat sealer Type WRU 3/2
The first machine is LM5022-26 SS100C, Ser. No. 23952-01 The second is LM4481-53 SS100 Serial number C17949-01 The third is a WRU 3/2 serial  no. WRU 1309
Item Ref: ND-11855-23
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TEW Electric Bar sealer 200 mm Wide foot operated
TEW type THS-200  Electric Bar sealer 200mm foot operated 250 Watt.  Overall size 370mm x 330mm x 900mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12051-23
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Trimcote Box Closer Type Sagw
No 1800046 Overall Size 500mm X 430mm X 410mm Tall
Item Ref: N10495-23
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Kempner L Type Bar Sealer 1 Phase
Hand Operated L Type Bar Sealer 400mm X 450mm With 820mm Working Height Overall Dim 750mm X 1100mm X 950 mm Tall
Item Ref: N10630-23
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Adpak Hand operated L shape bar sealer 450mm
Adpak Hand operated L shape bar sealer 450mm x 470mm mounted on a table 1,300mm x 600mm x 940mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12076-23
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DRG Hospital Supplies Steribar 2 continuous sealer
With 500mm long induction heater 0 to 250 deg. C  Overall size 500mm x 210mm x 250mm tall

Item Ref: ND-12050-23
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Packmatic Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper

Packmatic Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper with 500mm wide bar sealer  x 200mm stroke with hot knife, Fed by 180mm x 1300mm flat belt conveyor,   With 500mm wide air operated place feeder with 260mm stroke to feed up to 15 packs per min, Overall size 1500m  x 1200mm x 1660mm tall

Item Ref: N10909-23
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Edl 'L' Shape Bar Sealer 500 X 500 Mm
Model 20/20Ls. 1 Phase. Manual. Overall Size 1.3 M X 1M X 1 M Tall.
Item Ref: N7210-23
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Wraps Uk W703 Auto L Sleeve Sealer System
Fully Automatic L Sleeve  Sealing System W703-120. L Sealer Bar 500mm X 400mm With Conveyor Fill Pack. Max. Size 350mm X 500mm X 150mm Tall. Min Size 60mm X 100mm X 5mm Tall. Capable Of Up To 40 Cycles Per Min. Overall Size 2100mm X 1000mm X 1700mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10227-23
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Bar Sealer 600Mm. Wide
Mounted Over Roller Conveyor 1000mm.Long With Top And Bottom Feed Overall Size 800mm.Wide 1000mm.Long 1600mm.High
Item Ref: N8768-23
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Wrap UK L Sealer Hand operated

L Sealer Hand operated 600mm x 500mm machine no: 2019261 1ph overall size 1700mm x 850mm x 1050mm tall

Item Ref: N10876-23
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Yps Bar Sealer 610Mm Wide Model 24Ss
Foot Operated With Timer, Seal. 1 Ph. 13 Amp. Overall Size 1100mm X 960mm X 1600mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9546-23
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