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Niagara Filter S/S 10 Plates 860 Mm Dia
Enclosed Pressure Filter With Horizontal Plate Pack 5.6 Sq.M.Filtration Area. 140 L Cake Volume
Item Ref: N5233-18
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British Filter S/S Nellie Type Pse/30/Bp
Stainless Steel Vertical Preasure Leaf Filter 310mm Dia X 450mm Long Chamber Mounted On Stainless Steel Portable Frame With 12mm Dia Connections Overall Size 1000mm X 500mm X 750mm Tall Approx Area 5 Sq.M
Item Ref: N10434-18
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250 L S/S Oyster Pressure Filter
Stainless Steel Vessel 750 mm Dia 550 mm On Straight With Dished Top & Bottom. Bolt On Bottom With 150 mm & 2 X 40 mm Connections. 2 X 150 mm & 40 mm Top Connections. Standing On 3 Legs.
Item Ref: S8789-18
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2.3 Sq.M. S/S Pressure Leaf Filter
Stainless Steel 760mm Dia X 640mm Deep With 320mm Cake Depth. Top With 100mm Dia Inlet, 19mm Bsp Side Top Connection, Side 2 Off 75mm Connections, Bottom With 75mm Outlet. Mounted On 3 Off Legs To Give 250mm Ground Clearance. Overall Height 1380mm.
Item Ref: N9983-18
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Eurofilter S/S Pressure Filter Unit Flp
316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Filter 460 mm Dia 600 mm Deep Hinged Lid Design Pressure 6 Bar Test 9 Bar Jk Design Pressure 6.6 Bar Test 9.9 Bar Date 1995 .With Flameproof Ardua Pump Pipework Valves & Gauges All Mounted On Trolley. Overall Size 2080 mm X 1220 mm X 2134 mm High
Item Ref: S9714-18
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250 L S/S Jktd Pressure Filter
Stainless Steel Vessel 600 mm Dia. 900 mm Deep With Dished Lid Hingedwith 16 Quick Release Clamps. 2 X 75 & 2 X 25 mm Side Connections.
Item Ref: S8651-18
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1.5 Sq.M.Cannon Jktd G/Lined Leaf Filter
Glass Lined Filter New 1992 Suitable For Pressure And Vacuum.Shell Test 12.8 Bar,Jacket Test 11.5 Bar
Item Ref: S9224-18
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0.924M.Sq J.K. Industries S/S Pressure Leaf Filter Type JKZ1410
Stainless Steel Horizontal leaf Filter 355 mm dia with 10 filter plates to give 35L  cake capacity with 25 mm dia Tri clover in - outlets  chamber  400 mm dia x 500mm tall with swing bolts to remove lid to access filter plates to clean and replace with centrifugal feed pump rated 30 LPM mounted on a portable trolley 900mm x 700 mm x 1,500 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13497-18
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0.3 M.Sq. Pharmalab Leaf Filter
Stainless Steel Jacketed Filter Type Jfp14 X 6. 330mm Dia With 6 Plates. With Swing Bolt Removable Lid. 250mm Bsp Inlet/Outlet. Mounted On Portable Frame.
Item Ref: N10250-18
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Pfaudler Glass Lined Jacketed Filter
Fitted With Swing Over Clamps. Volume 50 Litres. Working Pressure 5 Bar. Jacket Working Pressure 8 Bar. New 1991. Internal Dimensions 460 mm Dia X 380 mm Deep. Overall Dimensions 1200 X 970 X 1600 mm Tall. Trolley Mounted.
Item Ref: S9777-18
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Carter Quad Jet Filter Type 250/465
Maximum Flow Rate 300 Sq.M/H. For Removing 200 Micron Solids From Water. Working Pressure 6 Bar. 4 Off 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire 200 mm Elements And 4 Off Butterfly Valves And 110 Volt Control Panel.
Item Ref: RC391-18
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