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Merrill Filter Press Pump 112Lpm 100 Psi
Type 25, 50 mm Connections, 2.2 Kw Drive, Mild Steel Contact Parts, Piston Pump With Pressure Control
Item Ref: N6439-18
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Mixer Settler Cascade Column, S/S
Stainless Steel 610 mm Dia. X 3400 mm Tall With Cascade Trays And 2.2Kw Reeves Variable Speed 0-200 Rpm Disc Turbine Drive, Flp.
Item Ref: N7657-18
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Bonotto S/S Thickener With Agitator
S/S Vessel, 460 Dia. 1980 mm Deep With Dished Top & Bottom With Connections. Disc Type Agitator Fitted With Partition Leaves To Give Separation
Item Ref: N6813-18
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180 L S/S Settlement Tank
Trough Shaped 760 X 710 X 430 mm Deep With 63 mm Bottom Inlet Internal Baffle And Overflow Discharge Weir. Mounted In Mild Steel Frame
Item Ref: N6251-18
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Pall Sealkleen S/S Filter
For Small Volume Filtration Unit With 4 Off Filters 60 mm Dia 120 mm Long 7 Bar Working Pressure At 90 Deg C
Item Ref: S9538-56
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Pfaudler Glass Lined Jacketed Filter
Fitted With Swing Over Clamps. Volume 50 Litres. Working Pressure 5 Bar. Jacket Working Pressure 8 Bar. New 1991. Internal Dimensions 460 mm Dia X 380 mm Deep. Overall Dimensions 1200 X 970 X 1600 mm Tall. Trolley Mounted.
Item Ref: S9777-18
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Carter Quad Jet Filter Type 250/465
Maximum Flow Rate 300 Sq.M/H. For Removing 200 Micron Solids From Water. Working Pressure 6 Bar. 4 Off 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire 200 mm Elements And 4 Off Butterfly Valves And 110 Volt Control Panel.
Item Ref: RC391-18
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Pall Filter 10 Bar @ 140 Deg C . 200Ml
Filtration Unit P/No Mds2230 608H4. 2 Off 25.5 mm Inlets. 1 Off 12 mm Outlet. 65mm By 80mm Deep.
Item Ref: S10030-18
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Sartorius S/S Membrane Filter
Stainless Steel Filter With Quick Release Clamps,Filter Aera 112mm.Dia
Item Ref: S9125-56
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0.125 sq. m Porcelain Neutche Vacuum Filter
Porcelain Filter 400mm dia with 240mm deep removable top.  Overall height 770mm
Item Ref: 12152-18
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Stockdale 0.14 Sq.M S/S Rotary Vac Filter
Pilot Plant Size Unit with Facilities for Precoat if required.  Mounted on Frame On Casters with Pump and Vacuum Receivers Serial No. 11406 Could be plant No.
Item Ref: N6874-18
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0.25 Sq.m Guedu S/S JKTD Filter Drier Type ML250
Stainless Steel Jacketed Filter Drier Chamber about 600 mm Dia x 450mm Deep with FLP geared motor  drive for filter bed agitator with hydraulic raise lower. Filter/ Drier bed mounted on wheels for removal side mounted solids discharge valve.
Item Ref: 11673-18
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