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Stockdale 0.14 Sq.M S/S Rotary Vac Filter
Pilot Plant Size Unit with Facilities for Precoat if required.  Mounted on Frame On Casters with Pump and Vacuum Receivers Serial No. 11406 Could be plant No.
Item Ref: N6874-18
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Stockdale0.37Sq M.R/Ld Rotary Vac Filter
Rubber Lined 610mm.Dia 200mm. Face String Discharge With Variable Speed Drive And Trough Agitator
Item Ref: N5826-56
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Stockdale 0.37Sq M.R/Ld Rotary Vac Filter
Rubber Lined 610 Dia. 200 mm Face With String Discharge Variable Speed Drive & Trough Agitator
Item Ref: N5826-18
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0.75 Sq.M. Stein Model Sf7
Stainless Steel Continuous Belt Filter. Belt Size 630mm X 1200mm. Overall Size 850mm X 1600mm X 1300mm Tall. With V/Speed Drive.
Item Ref: N9203-24
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0.8 Sq.M Pannevis PolyProp Vacuum Belt Filter
Polypropylene Vacuum Belt Filter with filter bed size 250 mm x 3,200 mm long
Item Ref: ND-13134-18
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Rubber Lined Vacuum Filter 2.32 Sq.M.
Paxman 1220 Dia. 610 mm Face With Knife Discharge Agitated Trough Andnash Vacuum Pump Model L3 With 7.5 Kw Drive With Rubber Lined Receiver
Item Ref: N5733-18
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3 sq.m Delkor HDPE Indexing Belt Filter

With HDPE Bonded indexing Filter about 1,400mm wide by 2,140mm long with vacuum set and control panel to suit.  Mounted on mild steel frame approx 2,200mm x 5,000mm x 2,800mm tall.  Pump set about 1,400mm x 3,000mm

Item Ref: RC1378-18
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3.8 Sq.m M/S Paxman Rubber Lined Rotary Vacuum Filter
Mild Steel Rubber Lined 1,510 mm Diameter x 800 mm face.  With slurry feed Agitated trough Knife discharge.  Vacuum separator with Nash rotary vacuum pump, Mild steel mono pump feed & discharge.  
Overall size 3,400 mm x 2,700 mm x 2,550 mm tall.  
Item Ref: ND-12376-18
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Rovac 4.6 Sq. M. S/S Rotary Vacuum Filter
International Combustion Pre Coat Vacuum Filter All Stainless Steel Drum 1,220mm dia X 1,300mm Face with all Ancilliary Equipment including 15 kW Nash Vacuum Pump Trough Agitator and 1,230L Receiver
Item Ref: N5797-18
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4.64 Sq.M S/S Flat Bed Vacuum Filter,New
3050 X 1520 X 460 mm Deep With Perforated Bottom Screen. Mounted In M/S Frame
Item Ref: RC160-18
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6.5 Sq.M. Adpec Flo R300 Ss Belt Filter
Stainless Steel Base Filter Tray with Polypropylene Screen Supports with Cloth Belt 1,000 mm Wide X 7,000mm Long Mounted On Stainless Steel Frame with Slurry Weir Feed and Doctor Knife Discharge.   Unit Has 7 Off 1,000mm Long Filter Sections. Air Operated Sequencing System Designed to Index Feed/Vacuum Filter/Release and move the Belt with Air Powered Belt Drive variable speed movement and Pulse Index Movement with the ability to vary speed of belt and dwell time for filtration. Unit supplied with Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Hick Hargreaves Type Shp 1,400 With 11 kW Drive.  [Belt to be Supplied at Extra Cost to Price Quoted.]
Item Ref: N9921-18
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7M.Sq Monel Brackett Drum Filter/Drier
Monel Drum Aprox 2000mm Dia X 1400mm Face Mounted In Stainless Steel 316L Stanless Steel Frame And Housing Over All Size 2800mm X 3100mm X 4000mm Tall. With Top Mounted Header Tank For Product Slurry Feed. With Product Trough Applicator To Vacuum Filter Drier/ Drum With Side Mounted Cake Discharge Knife At 315 Degrees To Trough. With Larger Gill Tube Heater Bank [ Need Replacing] With 30mm Od Tubes 1400mm Long 25 Tubes Per Row With 13 Row To Give 55 Sq.M Surface Area. Vacuum Filter Drier Drum Liquid/Vacuum Discharge Through A S/S Seperator Vessel 2000L Aprox 1000mm Dia X 2000mm Tall With Large Vacuum Fan To Suit. [Note Brackett = Dorr Oliver Eimco Paxman Group]
Item Ref: RC679A-18
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