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Alpine Hosokawa Air Classifier Stratoplex Type ASP 1250
Cyclone Chamber about 2600 mm dia x 3,000 mm tall with 75 kw drive motor
built 2009 Unused
Item Ref: ND-14093-11
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Eldan Rapser Granulator 1,200mm Face 75 kw
Mild Steel rotor 1200 mm face with 12 flying knives & 3 static knives with a 75 kw 1440 rpm belt drive to give an output speed of 120 rpm
capacity up to about 2000 kg.  Overall size about 2,600 mm x 1,700 mm x 3,000 mm tall about 7,500 kg
Item Ref: ND-14058-11
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1200Mm Dia Sweco Vibro Energy Mill Dm10
Vibro Energy Grinder Mixer Mill 1200mm Dia X 400mm Deep With 200mm Dia Inlet. 100mm Dia Outlet. 4Kw 3 Ph Motor. Machine No. 572037.
Item Ref: N9900-10
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Christy Norris M/S Hammer mill Type X Millextra 100 /I/m 90 kw
Mild steel Swing hammer mill with 530 mm x 330 mm inlet mill body is 920 mm x 920 mm x 950 mm tall q=with 90 kw 2965 rpm direct coupled drive  mounted on mild steel bed plate overall size 2,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 2,000 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13562-11
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Alfred Herbert 16A Attritor 55 Kw
With Internal Extraction Fans. Throughput Rating On Coal 2500 Kg Per Hour
Item Ref: N4925-11
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Gec Dyad Hammer Mill Size 20 40/80 T/Hr
Gec Elliott Double Rotor Hammer Mill Dyad Size 20 40 To 80 Tons/Hr Limestone Feed Entrance 500mm X 610mm Each Rotor 500mm Dia Driven By 2 Off 15 Kw Motors,[ Could Take More Power.] Overall Size 2740 X 3050 X 2440 mm High. Type Jaged.
Item Ref: N4843-11
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Alfred Herbert No 8 Attritor 30 Kw
Complete With External Fan Drier And Spares
Item Ref: N5808-11
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Alfred Herbert No 6 Attritor
Machine No 2-55206 Coal Rating 770 K/Hr, 15 Kw Drive, Air Discharge 28 Cu.M. Per Minute.
Item Ref: N4376-11
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British Rema Opposed Jet Mill M/S Model 400
Mild steel opposed jet mill chamber 800 mm dia x 1,600 mm deep with 11 kw 2880 rpm belt drive with pullies to give 3,700 rpm requires 3,400 compressed air and suction fan 4,110 to suit particle size 1-2 micron size.  With Rotarty Classifier Wheel  Overall 1,400 mm x 1,500 mm x 3,000 mm tall. with 30 kw 2,900 rpm  extract All day Peacock fan rated 8,200 M.Cu/hr.

Item Ref: ND-13005-11
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Rutsche Zuschneid Plastics Chopper 10 Kw
Twin Roller Machine Each Chamber 460 Dia. 300 mm Face
Item Ref: N5716-11
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Blackfriars Granulator Model 18 Ashd
Mild Steel Throat size 457 mm x 300 mm with 6 Rotor Blades and 2 static.  Currently powered by  a Ford Lorry Diesel Engine.  Overall dimensions 1,700 mm X 3,000 mm X 1,900 mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC829E-11
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Gericke Powtek Nibbler/Kibbler S/S 450 x 680
Item Ref: 11511
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