Instrumentation Pressure

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Products in Instrumentation Pressure 8 Items

Bausch & Lomb Chart Recorder
Volts .01 To 500 Milliamps.01 To 100 Ohms 1 To 10/5
Item Ref: S8913-31
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Servoscribe Chart Recorder Volts & Mv
0.2 To 20 Volts 2 To 100 Mv
Item Ref: S8914-31
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Divices Chart Recorder 2 Pen
50 Mv To 100 V
Item Ref: S9105-31
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Edwards Cp25k Penning Gauge Head
Item Ref: S9244-61
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Pressure Gauges
100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm & 380mm Dia 15 To 20000 Psi
Item Ref: S9560-31
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Nitrogen Regulator Bs 5741
0-16 Bar & 0 -300 Bar Gauges & Valve As New
Item Ref: S9639-31
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Rosemont 2900 Pressure Transmitter
Item Ref: N10125-31
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Speedivac Vacuum Dial Gauge 100 Mm Dia
0 To 20 Torr
Item Ref: S9559-31
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