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Scissor Type Barrel Lifting Clamp
Item Ref: N3086-37
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210L Drum Storage Kit
Two Racks To Carry 4 Off Drums. Galvanized Steel Construction With Polysafe Sump Tray. Fork Liftable.
Item Ref: RC639A-D6-37
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1 Ton New Big Bag Lifting Beam
Working Width 750-800mm. Depth 210mm. Lifting Eye 110mm High With 60mm Hole.
Item Ref: TTB1-37
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2 Ton New Big Bag Lifting Beam
Working Width 900-970mm. Depth 240mm. Lifting Eye 135mm High With 75mm Hole.
Item Ref: TTB2-37
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King Hoist, M/S Lift & Tilter 3 M Lift
To Suit Tanks 725 mm Wide
Item Ref: N7165-39
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200L Drum Trolley Stand
To Hold Drum In Horizontal Plane Fitted With Revolving Wheels Mounted 360mm Apart In Mild Steel Tubular Frame. Overall Size 660mm X 880mm X 605mm Tall With 2 Off Fixed Wheels And 2 Off Swivel Wheels.
Item Ref: N8883-37
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200 L Drum Trolley Stand New
To Hold Drum In Horizontal Plane.Fitted With Revolving Wheels Mounted 360mm. Apart.Mild Steel Tubular Frame.Overall Size 660mm.X 880mm.X 605mm.Tall.Fitted With Two Fixed Castors And Two Swivel Castors With Brakes.
Item Ref: RC639-37
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205 L Drum Hand Hydraulic Lifter Tilter
Mild Steel Hand Hydraulic Raise lower Drum Lifter and Tilter with 630 mm x 490 mm deep clamp cradle with hand geared tilt.  Overall size 1,430 mm x 1,800 mm x 3,100 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12275-49
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3 Wheeled Drum Trolley
Suitable For 210 L Drums. Overall Size 800 X 460 X 500 mm Tall.
Item Ref: S9973-37
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300Kg R & M Drum Lifter/Trolley
Foot Hydraulic With Drum Clamp To Suit. Overall Size 1000mm X 600mm X 1130mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9497-37
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Scissor Lift Platform 1500Mm X 600Mm
With Approx. 500mm Lift. Max Load 1000Kg. W.P. 200 Psi
Item Ref: N8968-37
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650 KG STC mobile drum lifter/tilter Model: 2060

Mild Steel mobile trolley frame 910mm x 1,500mm x 2,000mm tall to with Air over Hydraulic to give about 2,000mm of lift with arms to suit drums with locating lugs 500mm to 700mm apart.  With hand drum tilt discharge product ref: STP02-BTU01-EX. [at extra cost alternative clamps systems can be supplied]

Item Ref: N10694-37
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