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2L Eirich Style Mixer S/S Bench Top
Agitator & Bowl Speed Control With Reversing Facility. Bowl Size 210 mm Diam 140 mm Deep. Mixer Hinges Out And Bowl Is Removable
Item Ref: S8111-59
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3L S/S Plough Shear Mixer 1.1 kW
Stainless Steel Plough Shear Mixer 200mm dia x 180mm long chamber with 1.1 kW Geared Drive
Overall size 500mm x 800mm x 500mm tall [new and unused]
Item Ref: RBP-05-10
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5 Litre Apex S/S Y Cone Blender
150 Dia. 250mm Long Shell with 2 X 120mm Dia Connections.  Mounted in M/S Frame with 1 Phase Geared Drive.  All Mounted in Safety Cage
Item Ref: S7819-10
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5 L Apex Drum Tumble Mixer
Type 16 526 with 0.37 kW Gear Drive 240/1/50
Item Ref: S9778-10
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6L M/S Twin Paddle Trough Mixer
Mild Steel Twin Trough 220mm Dia X 360mm X 120mm Deep With Twin Paddles 115mm Dia. With 0.25Kw 270 Rpm Drive. Overall Size 1100mm X 400mm X 1050mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9640-10
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15L Lodige S/S Jktd Cont. Ploughshear
Stainless Steel 200mm Dia X 610mm Long with 150mm. X 140mm Inlet to 100mm X 50mm Outlet.  3 Off 12mm Feed Ports to Chamber.  Fitted with a Split Lid for Cleaning Approx.  Halfway Half Dia. Jacket W.P. 1.5 Bar at 50 Deg. C.  Machine Type Cb20p. Machine No. 3256.  Driven by 7.5 kW  1,450 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall size 1,100mm X 1,100mm X 1,200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9065-10
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25 L Double Drum Blender 1 Ph Drive
For Mixing 2 X 25 L Drums With Single Phase Geared Drive
Item Ref: S9026-10
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30 L Rotary Vacuum Tumbling Chamber S/S
Vario-Vac Vvt-35 Stainless Steel Tumbling Mixer with Vacuum Pump. 350 Dia. 350mm Face.  All Mounted in S/S Frame
Item Ref: S7469-10
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30 L Lodige S/S Jktd Ploughshear Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber with Internal Plough Shear Mixer with Plough shear Action Chamber Size 280 Dia. X 750mm Long with Flush Fitting 130mm Geared Outlet Valve. 1.5 kW Geared Drive 190 rpm, Stainless Steel Dimple Jacket.
Mounted on Frame on Castors.
Item Ref: S8296-10
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30L Y-Cone S/S Apex Blender
Stainless Steel Blender Model 286B1. 300mm Dia X 400mm Deep Y-Cones to Bottom 100mm Dia Outlet. Top with 290mm Dia Inlets with 0.75 kW 10 rpm Blender Drive and 0.75 kW 1,440 rpm Cutter Drive.
Overall size 1,450mm X 1,000mm X 1,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9719-10
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40L Alite S/S U Trough Mixer Type 1A/4
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender Size 760mm X 250mm X 280mm Deep with 90 X 60mm Slide Valve Outlet. On Legs giving 700mm Ground Clearance. 0.75 kW  100 rpm Geared Motor
Item Ref: S8277-10
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50L M/S Eirich Skk11 Intensive Mixer
Mild Steel Eirich Skk11 Muller Intensive Mixer With 700mm Dia X 350mm Deep Mixing Bowl With Muller Wheel Mixer Arm And Mixer Blade 1.5Kw 250 Rpm Geared Drive. Overall Size 1200mm X 1900mm X 1700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10410-10
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