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1/2 L S/S Werner Pfleidere Z Blade Vac mixer
Stainless Steel Z blade mixer about 1/2 L
Item Ref: ND-12888-09
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1/2L M/S Banbury Style Z Blade JKTD Vacuum Mixer

Mild Steel Jacketed Chrome Plated Chamber with Cored Banbury Style Z arms with outer Jacket chamber 100mm x 100mm x 110mm deep with 105mm x 40mm top entrance with hand tilt discharge. 4 kw geared drive, overall size 1000mm x 1000mm x 900mm Tall mounted on plinth to give 1160mm overall height.

Item Ref: N10820-09
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3 L Hunt S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Jacketed Stainless Steel Mixer Bench Mounted With Heated Or Cooled Blades Pan Size 150 mm X 150 mm X 150 mm Deep
Item Ref: S9670-09
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3L Paul O Abbe S/S Jktd Mixer Vacuum Lid
Stainless Steel Jacketed U Trough Mixer With Vacuum Lid
Item Ref: S9671-09
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6L Baker Perkins Neban Blade S/S Jktd Mx
Stainless Steel With 2 Off Neban Blades. Chamber 184mm X 228mm X 203mm Deep. 1.1Kw 40 Rpm Geared Drive. Overall Size 1200mm X 350mm X 450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9598-59
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7L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Trough Size 200 X 200 X 175 mm Deep. 1.1 Kw 102 Rpm Geared Drive. Mild Steel Jacket
Item Ref: S7028-09
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10L Morton Gridlette Small S/S Cake Mix
Laboratory Size Gridlap Mixer 275 X 275 X 200 mm. Mechanical Tilt For Discharge Single Phase Drive
Item Ref: N5999-24
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10L S/S Mixtruder S/S JKTD Z Blade Mixer 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel JKTD Sigma Z Blade Mixer 255 mm x 255 mm x 225 mm deep with 2.2 kW 35 to 50 Rpm drive extruder with 1.5 kW 50 Rpm drive.  Overall size 1,450 mm x 930 mm x 630 mm tall.
Item Ref: RBP-15-09
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15L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer Flp
Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Mixer Chamber Size 255mm.X 255mm.X 200mm.Deep Pedestal Mounted,Tilting,Overall Size 970mm.X 660mm.X 1450mm.High,Flameproof Drive & Safety Switches
Item Ref: S9129-09
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20 L Baker Perkins S/S Jktd Z Blade
Stainless Steel Mixer With Electric Jacket.Chamber Size 285mm.X 230mm.X 250mm. Deep.1.1 Kw Geared Drive Unit 50 Rpm
Item Ref: S9127-09
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36 L Winkworth S/S JKTD Vacuum Z-Blade Mixer
Model 16Z.Jacketed Stainless Steel Contact Parts,Chamber Size 410 X 410 X 360 M/M.2.2 Kw 115 Rpm Drive Jacket W.P.50 Psi Vacuum In Chamber.Handwheel Tilt
Item Ref: RC262-09
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45 L Baker Perkins S/S Z Blade Mixer Flp
Stainless Steel Mixer Pan Size 410 mm X 390 mm X 360 mm Deep Hand Wheel Tilt.2.2 Kw Flameproof Geared Drive
Item Ref: S9667-09
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