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Benetec Circular Saw with Clamp, Guard and Machine Scales

- Tolerance with machine scale use +/- 0.1mm

- Max distance blade to backstop 470mm

- 230V, 2.5kw Motor 

- Manual Attached 

Item Ref: ND-13947-25
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230L M/S Conair Carousel / Deumidifier Drier

Mild steel chamber 500mm dia x 1100mm deep with 300 mm deep cone to 60mm dia outlet. 70mm dia inlet, 2 off side sight glasses. with extract fan and heat source up to 200deg.c 1500mm x 1760mm x 2150mm tall.

Item Ref: N10823-25
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120L Labotek Desiccant Drier M/S Model MOD120

Mild Steel Chamber 400 mm dia x 740mm on the straight. Cone base with blower fan controller. 10.5 Kw 3 phase temp range 60 to 120 deg.c. Model MDD120 code 8SIT.  Mounted on portable trolley frame.  Overall size 600mm x 1000mm x 1600mm tall

Item Ref: N10832-25
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1,350 mm wide Welex Sheet Extrusion line with 120 mm Dia Welex extruder
Welex 120 mm diameter extruder 30:1 ratio with 5 zone barrel, with 229 kw drive, lanten type screen changer, Maag 56/56 gear pump with DC drive with 1200 mm die.
to feed 1,350 mm wide Welex 3 roll polishing stack with 450 mm dia rolls,  three zone pump group 1350 mm two roll haul off with 1300 mm wide Famco Guillotine.
Running duty on HIPS/ABS/PP about 325 kg/hour
Item Ref: ND-12716-25
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Betol 1206 Elastomer Hinge-Roll Feed Station

With 50mm Dia x 150mm Face Rolls mounted in structure 800mm x 650mm x 1250mm tall

Item Ref: N10869-25
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Uhing Drum Reeler Type A3rc20/1
With Transverse Bed 550mm Long. Variable Speed Control 0.37Kw. Overall Size 700mm X 1300mm X 1000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9590-25
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Aumann 3 Stage Winder Type Se81r
With 360mm Pitch And 150mm Face For Reels (No Drive)
Item Ref: N9591-25
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