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1000Lpm Hastelloy Centrigugal Pump 11 Kw
Duriron Manufacture 75 mm Inlet, 50 mm Outlet 61 M. Head At 2990 Rpm Size 3 X 2 X 10/84
Item Ref: N7331-33
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910 Lpm Labour Type 15Sz 22.5Kw 2920 Rpm
910 Lpm 61 M/Hd Material K 26, 63 mm Inlet 50 mm Outlet,Mechanical Seals Direct Coupled To 22.5 Kw 2920 Rpm Motor
Item Ref: N4747-33
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795 Lpm Labour Acid Pump Type 30Xl
795 Lpm 27.5 M/Hd 39 Psi Laminil Acid Pump Price Unmotorised 8940
Item Ref: S4767-33
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682 Lpm Vacseal Pump Rubber Lined
Pump Designed For Abrasive Materials 75 mm Inlet 50 mm Outlet Packed Gland Approx 11 Kw Drive 682 Lpm At 27.4 M. Head
Item Ref: N5737-33
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545 Lpm Vacseal Pump Rubber Lined
545 Lpm At 21.3 M. Head Designed For Abrasive Materials 75 mm Inlet 50 mm Outlet. 7.5 Kw 1440 Drive Packed Glands
Item Ref: N5738-33
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455 Lpm Vacseal Pump Type V Rubber Lined
Mild Steel Pump With Moulded Rubber Contact Parts For Abrasive Duties 455 Lpm 30.5 M. Head 50 mm Inlet 38 mm Outlet 15 Kw Drive
Item Ref: N5736-33
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250 Lpm Acid Pump Type Eu-21351 Flp
250 Lpm 18.3 M/Hd With 50 mm Connections, 3.7 Kw 2880 Rpm Flameproof Drive By N.G.K.Insulators
Item Ref: N4664-33
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227 Lpm Qvf Glass Pump Type Gpb6/15
227 Lpm 12.2 M/Hd Glass Pump With Mechanical Seal 38 mm Connections 1.5 Kw 1400 Rpm Drive One Unit With Flameproof Drive Price 81350 N5646
Item Ref: N5646-33
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227 Lpm Ceramic Ardua Type N 4 Kw Flp
Ceramic Centrifugal Pump With 50 mm Connections,Packed Gland,4 Kw 2880 Rpm Flp Drive
Item Ref: N4665-33
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227 Lpm Balco Glass/Ld Pump Type Gl50
75 mm Inlet, 50 mm Outlet Direct Coupled To 2.2 Kw 1420 Rpm Motor. Mechanical Seal
Item Ref: N3989-33
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200 Lpm Int Combustion Pump Rubber Lined
200 Lpm At 10M.Hd. 40mm Dia In/Outlet. Packed Gland With 7.5Kw 1460 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall Size 800mm X 600mm X 800mm Tall. Made By International Combustion Vac Seal Ltd
Item Ref: N9935-35
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136 Lpm Mitchell Craig A1 Ceramic Pump
136 Lpm 15.2 M/Hd Or 22 Psi,If Fitted With 2880 Rpm Drive Ceramic Pump With 25 mm Connections ,Mechanical Seal,Price Unmotorised #890
Item Ref: N4661-33
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