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114 Lpm Ryaland S/S Rotary Pump Flp
Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Pump 38 mm Connections 3 Kw 1420 Rpm Flp Motor Type Rrna One Unit Without Drive Price 8750
Item Ref: S7212-34
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90 Lpm Auger Type S/S Sump Pump 1.1 Kw
Pump Comprises S/S Screw 1220 mm Deep 75 mm Connections With Geared Drive
Item Ref: S7240-34
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23 Lpm Mitchell Craig Diaphragm Pump
Ceramic Lined For Acids 25 mm Connections 0.37 Kw Drive
Item Ref: N5851-34
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5 Lpm Procon S/S Pump 1 Phase 0.25 Kw
10 mm Connections, Unused
Item Ref: S7846-34
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24 to 38 kg/hr Howden select diaphragm compressor type PD 166 L

Type:                     Diaphragm Compressor PD 166 L

Medium:             Specified for hydrogen, but capable of nitrogen, oxygen and CO2 and other inert gas compression needs.

Suction:               Inlet Pressure 74.6 – bar

Outlet:                  Outlet Pressure 350 – bar

Flow rate:           426 Nm3/h (24 to 38kg/hr – 912kg/day of hydrogen @350bar)

Power:                45kW Motor - 400V 3phase

Item Ref: ND-14050-34
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