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Nash M/S Vacuum Pump Type AT54
Mild Steel cast iron liquid ring vacuum pump with 50mm dia BSP connections duty 50m.cu/hr at 300m bar with direct coupled 3 Kw 1,440 Rpm drive motor.
Overall size 400mm x 1,200mm x 400mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11564-36
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Shinko S/S Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Type SW 100 AS
Stainless Steel 316 Grade Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump With 4 Off 38mm Dia Connections. With Packed Gland And Bar Shafted [ Serviced By Pump Supplies]
Item Ref: RC1337-36
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Sihi Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 7.5 kW
Mild Steel Pump Type Ls5768kk Mv with 2 Off 50mm Connections Driven by 7.5 kW 1,440 Rpm Motor. Mounted on Bed Plate. Overall size 520mm X 1,500mm X 550mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9761-36
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Sihi Ryland Liq Ring Vac Pump 7.5 Kw Flp
Cast Iron 4 X 40 mm Dia Connections. 140 Cu.M/Hr. Direct Coupled To 7.5 Kw 1470 Rpm Flp Motor. Type Lphy 45316
Item Ref: N7788-36
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Sihi Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 10 Kw Flp
63 mm Connections. Single Stage 10 Kw 1440 Rpm, Flp., Direct Coupled. Type Pha5216 Bn051010.
Item Ref: N7344-36
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Graham Pump Am250/1/La/10/M
Cast Iron Pump Type Am250/1/La/10/M With 2 Off 50mm Connections To Give 23 Cfm At 26" Vac. Driven By 3Kw 1450 Rpm Motor.
Item Ref: N9095-36
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Hick Vacuum Pump Type Shr1400 18.5 kW
Mild Steel Cast Iron Vacuum Pump 4 Off 50mm Dia Connections with Direct Coupled 18.5 kW  1,450 rpm Motor.
Overall size 1,600mm X 1,600mm X 610mm Tall. [ ASIS price bare shafted]
Item Ref: N10511-36
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Nash Hytor Type Cl-703
Cast Iron Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Giving 1100 Cu.M/H At 1050 Rpm 75 mm Connections, Needs 30 Kw Motor Price Unmotorised 82450
Item Ref: S7062-36
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Speck M/S Liquid ring Vacuum Pump Type V-95-55.0007
Mild Steel cast iron Liquid lig vacuum pump rated 70 m.cu/hr at 33 mbar with
 two  40mm dia in / outlet ports Mono block type vacuum pump
2.2 kw  1440 rpm overall size 550 mm x 350 mm x 330 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13514-36
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Nash Hytor Size L9 Liquid Ring Vac Pump
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump No 77Eo 885 with 300mm Flanged Connections, 125mm Dia Shaft, No Drive Fitted
Item Ref: N3597-36
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