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Leybold Heraeus Diaphragm Vacuum Gauge
100 mm Dia Dial Calibrated From 1020 - 1 M Bar. Type Diavac-K
Item Ref: S9861-36
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Gea Weigand Porc.5 Stage Steam Ejector
Suction Flow 6 Kg/Hr At 1.3 Mbar. Driving Pressure 3 Bar 20 Deg C. Machine No. 2492-55-86.23. Overall Size 1250 mm X 2200 mm X 3000 mm Tall.
Item Ref: N7722-36
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Vacuum Receiver 200 Mm Dia 610 Mm Long
Doncaster Ref N5965
Item Ref: S7173-36
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10L Solberg Glass Separator Pot Type STS20/C
Glass Catch pot with Aluminum Lid and internal filter element 200 mm dia x 300 mm deep with 38 mm dia in-outlet connections over all height 670 mm Rated 100 m.cu/hr @ 760 torr
Item Ref: ND-13565-36
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