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150 Lpm Busch Vacuum Pumps 1.1 kW
Rotary Scroll Vacuum Pump Rated 150 Lpm
Item Ref: N10578-36
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Leybold Heraeus Type E135 Vac Pump 4 kW
Oil Filled Vacuum Pump Mono Block Type Rated about  13 M.Cu Per Hour at 1 mbar
Item Ref: N10660-36
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Mil's Evisa Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump E300.2 5.5 kw
Mil's Evisa Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Type E300.2 5.5 kw Lubricated Rotary vane Vacuum pump duty about 190 m.cu/hr at 1 mbar with 2 " dia connections  with 5.5 kw 1440 rpm 3 phase drive Overall size 1,100 mm x 700 mm x 660 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13141-36
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Leybold Heraeus Pump Type Vp63 1.5 kW
Oil Filter Mono Block Pump 1.5 kW  1,440 rpm
Item Ref: N8581-36
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Busch Vacuum Pump Type 040-138 1.1 Kw
Up To 40 Cu.M/Hr At 20Mbar.Monoblock Pump With 1.1 Kw 1440 Rpm Motor.
Item Ref: N8367-36
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Edwards E240m Vac40 Two Stage
40 Cmh Two Stage Oil Filled Vacuum Pump. 25mm Connections 1.1 kW.
Overall size 250 X 700 X 420mm Tall. Machine No. 11473. Weight approx. 75 Kgs.
Item Ref: N9903-36
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Precision Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump 150 L/M (5.3Cfm) 0.1 Micron. With Single Phase 1425 Motor V-Belt. Overall Size 400 X 300 X 300 mm High. Motor Size 1425 Single Phase.
Item Ref: S9904-61
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Alcatel Type 2008A 0.37Kw 110V
Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump
Item Ref: S9475-61
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Leybold Heraeus Trivac Pump Type S43
0.37Kw Drive
Item Ref: S9227-61
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Javac High Vacuum Pump B Series
Oil Filled Vacuum Pump. V-Belt Driven By 250 Watt Single Phase Motor. Suitable For -1 Micron Vacuum
Item Ref: S9822-61
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Precision Vac Pump 150 L/Min 0.1 Micron
With Single Phase Drive
Item Ref: S8683-61
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Leybold Heraeus Trivac Pump Type 2.4L
2.4 Cu.M. Per Hour 0.12 Kw 1 Ph. Drive
Item Ref: S9246-61
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