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10L S/S JKTD Elec Vacuum Turbo Emulsifier Shearhead Mixer Reactor

Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber with outer Electrically Heated Jacket with hot well in the control cabinet with circulation pump and temperature control. Chamber 240mm dia x 260mm deep to 20 mm dia outlet. Dish top with 2 off 40mm sight glass, 20mm dia,  2 off 12mm dia inlets. with contra rotational stirrer outer anchor with PTFE hinged scrapers inner angle paddle. 0.25 KW about 155 rpm geared drive with top entry Turbo Emulsifier type shear head mixer stirrer with 0.55 Kw 2000 rpm drive. Chamber mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower and chamber designed to hand tilt for cleaning. Overall size 800mm x 2200mm x 2300mm tall closed height, open 2600mm. Made by Pressindustria Chemical Equipment SPA

Item Ref: N10768-01
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20L S/S Labcon Jktd Reactor
Stainless Steel Jktd Reactor 300mm Dia X 350mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom To 50mm Outlet. Dish Top Fitted With 100mm Dia Sight Glass, 80mm Inlet And 3 Off 50mm Dia Inlets With Center Mounted Variable Speed Anchor Stirrer Mounted On S/S Work Table. Overall Size 800mm X 750mm X 2000mm Tall. Previously Used As A Batch Polymerisation Reactor.
Item Ref: N10006-01
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45L S/S Jacketed Reactor
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 310mm Dia X 610mm Deep. Base With 50mm Dia And 3 Off 40mm Dia Connections. Top Driven 1.5Kw Turbine. Overall Height 1600mm.
Item Ref: N10249-01
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50 L C/I Gls/Ld Reaction Vessel Lid
Cast Iron Glass Lined Lid For A Reaction Vessel. Complete With Envelope Gasket. Unused And In Box.
Item Ref: S10035-01
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50 L GLS Pfaudler Reactor
50 L GLS Pfaudler Reactor
Mild Steel Glass lined  Jacketed chamber 530 mm dia x 350 mm deep rated working pressure 3.5 Bar/ Vacuum, Jacket 6 Bar 200 Deg.C  with bolt removable dish top with 110 mm sight glass inspection port, 80 mm dia inlet, 2 off 40 mm dia inlet. With 3 prong stirrer with variable speed drive  0.75 Kw  16 - 144 rpm  3115 grade glass overall 
Item Ref: ND-12578-01
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60 L S/S High Pressure Jacketed Reactor
Stainless Steel 400 mm Dia X 450 mm Deep. Dish Top/Bottom With 50 mm Outlet.Top With 150 X 80 mm Inspection Way. 50 mm Dia Inlet. 12 mm Dia Inlet. Chamber With 250 Psi W.P. Jacket 75 Psi With Variable Speed Drive. Overall Size 2200mm X 1500mm X 2000mm Tall 750 Kg
Item Ref: N8478-01
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Gls Thermo Pocket 63Mm Dia X 1660Mm Long
Mild Steel Glass Lined 63mm Dia X 1660mm Long With 200mm Mounting Flange
Item Ref: N10516-01
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70 L Hastelloy Jacketed Reactor
Satake Model 570Wi 380 Dia X 580 mm Deep With Dished Bottom To 20 mm Outlet Twin 200 mm Dia Saw Tooth Blade Mixer, No Drive. Steam Jacket Test Pressure 50 Psi Internal Pressure 145 Psi
Item Ref: S8170-01
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75L S/S Jacketed Reactor
Stainless Steel Jacketed Fermentation Reactor 400mm Dia X 660mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom To 25mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 450mm Ground Clearance. Bolt On Lid With 3 Off 75mm Sight Glasses, 3 Off 19mm Bsp Inlets With 1.5Kw 300 Rpm Turbine Stirrer. W.P. 2 Bar. T.P. 3 Bar. Made By Butterfields.
Item Ref: N9979-01
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90 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Jktd Reactor
Feed Port And Various Top Connections & Bottom Outlet. Working Pressures 40 Psi Or Vacuum Internal, 75 Psi Jacket. Laminil Agitator 3 Blade Type.Packed Gland.
Item Ref: S7950-01
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100 L S/S Jktd Reactor Scraped Side Flp
Stainless Steel Vessel 460mm.Dia 660mm.Deep Dished Top & Bottom With Bolt On Lid With Contra Rotating Scraped Agritator With Power Lift For Cleaning ,4 Off Top Connections,Mild Steel Jacket,Variable Speed 2 Kw Drive Chamber Test Pressure 100 P.S.I. Jacket Test Pressure 200 P.S.I. Coil Test Pressure 100 P.S.I.
Item Ref: N8724-01
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100L Fryma S/S JKTD Vacuum Mixer Type VME 100 Turbo Homogenizer
Stainless steel chamber with mild steel jacket 
Item Ref: ND-12794-01
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