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160 L Liquid Nitrogen Flask Type Ls160
Union Carbide Jacketed Flask.
Item Ref: S8699-50
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Taylor Wharton XL-160 Stainless Steel Nitrogen Container

The Taylor Wharton XL-160 Stainless Steel DOT-4L150 Liquid Nitrogen Container offers unparalleled performance and durability for cryogenic storage needs. With a capacity of 160 liters, this container is suitable for a wide range of applications in laboratories and research institutions.

Key Features:

  • Volume: 160L
  • Dimensions: Diameter 508mm / Container Height 1,300mm
  • Weight: Empty 89 kg
  • Approximate Weight of Contents (Nitrogen) in 22 psig (1.5 bar/152kPa) Service: 117 kg  
  • Normal Evaporation Rate (% Capacity per Day) Nitrogen: 1.3% 
  • Relief Valve Setting: 22 psig, (1.5 bar/152 kPa)
  • Inner Container Bursting Disc: 176 psig (12 bar/ 1214 kPa)
  • Design Specifications: T/DOT 4LM/4L; Rated Service Pressure 100 psig (6.9 bar/ 690 kPa)

Item Ref: ND-13961-28
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135L Statebourne Liquid Nitrogen Tank
510mm Diam 1930mm Deep Mounted Vertically On Wheels
Item Ref: N6072-50
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110L Gal Liquified Gas Container S/S
Stainless Steel Container By State Bourne Cryogenics 450mmdia 760 mm Deep Dished Top & Bottom Mounted On Casters
Item Ref: N4766-50
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72 L S/S Flask Type Ts50
Stainless Steel Flask Mounted On 3 Castors. 430 mm Dia X 500 mm Deep.Made By Siegtal Cryotherm.
Item Ref: S8700-50
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35 L Union Carbid Cryogenics Chamber
Stainless Steel Insulated Vessel 350 Dia X 400 mm Deep With 7 X 70 mmdia. X 280 mm Deep Stainless Steel Holders.
Item Ref: N7927-50
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