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2,000 Kg Digital Platform Scale
New Stainless Steel Platform 1250mm X 1250mm With Digital Indicator load cells can be calibrated up to 4000kg by 500g divisions with Fill Control To Traget Weight With Printer And Ethernet Outputs. To Trade Standard. unused unit available
Item Ref: RC906L-21
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500 Kg Digital Scale
Digital Platform Scale 500 Kg By 100 Grm Divs. Mild Steel Platform 610mm X 610mm. 1 Phase Drive.
Item Ref: N10224-21
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300Kg Avery Weigh-Tronix Digital Platform Scale type E1010

Stainless Steel units 300 Kg x 100G Div. Min 2 Kg with platform 600mm x 700mm.  1 Phase Supply 1330mm tall. No 203650160

Item Ref: N10809-21
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300 K Toledo Dial Scale
To Weigh 300 K in 200 G Divisions with 20 K Tare Platform   Size 1,000 X 1,000 M/M Model 2191
Item Ref: N8214-21
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250 Kg Avery Steelyard Scale
Type 3901-Aa3. Platform Size 400 mm X 615 mm
Item Ref: N8911-21
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250 Kg Dial Weighmaster Scale
250 Kgs X 50G Divs with 100 Kg Tare X 50G Divs Mounted with Platform Size 680mm X 760mm.
Item Ref: N10075-21
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0 to 150 Kg x 50 g New Division Digital weighing platform
Range 0 to 150 Kg x 50 g division Digital weighing platform with controller to suit
Stainless Steel base 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 90mm deep. With out put.
Item Ref: ND-11962-21
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100Kg Avery Dial Scale Type 3303Cob
To Weigh 100Kgs X 200Gm Divs With 20Kg Tare. Platform Size 500mm X 500mm.
Item Ref: N9402-21
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75Kg Busch Scale Type 2001
To Weigh 75Kgs By 100G Divs Platform Size 600mm X 600mm
Item Ref: N8285-21
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75 Kg Aadam Digital GFK
75 Kg by 5 grm platform 360 mm x 490 mm
Item Ref: ND-12328-21
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Avery L101 Digital Weighing Scales
Key Features:
- Manufactured by Avery
- Type; H300L101
- Max Load; 60kg 
- Min Load; 0.4kg
- e= 0.02kg 
- 223/243 Volts 
- 0.2 Amps 

- Overall Dimensions; Height 800mm x Length 750mm x Width 450mm 
- Scale Plate Height 120mm 
Item Ref: ND-13785-21
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Avery Berkel L117Ex Digital Weighing Scales
Key Features: 
- Manufactured by Avery Berkel 
- Model; L117Ex 
- Max Load; 60kg 
- Min Load; 0.2kg 
- e= 0.01kg 
- 8 Volts 
- Optional Frame Sizes Available 

- Overall Dimensions; Height 600mm x Length 600mm x Width 450mm 
- Scale Height 200mm 
Item Ref: ND-13786-21
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