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Gouoni S/S Rotary Sieve
Stainless Steel 500mm Dia X 800mm Face. 180mm Dia Feed Screw With 500mm X 650mm Inlet. 250mm X 170mm Sieved Outlet And 190mm Dia Oversize Outlet. Driven By 4Kw 600 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall Size 2300mm X 750mm X 1800mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9110-16
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Powtek Mild Steel Twin Rotary Sieve Model 15/42
Mild Steel Rotary Sifter two  380mm Dia X 1000mm Face Screens with 380 mm x 380 mm inlet with hand operated diverter valve, outlet 320 mm x 320 mm & 200 mm x 320 mm  With 2 Off 5.5Kw Belt Drive Motors.Model 15/42 Number P9611. Over all size 1,700 mm x 2,30mm x 2,100 mm tall.

Item Ref: RC1020B-16
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Rotormec S/S Rotary Sieve Screen

Stainless Steel Rotary Perforated Screen 538mm dia x 890mm face with 2mm and 5mm screen perforation size. with 70mm x 340mm feed hopper to 70mm dia Mild Steel auger with bottom 80mm x 80mm and 200mm dia discharge outlets.  Mounted in Stainless Steel chamber with fractional geared motor ? overall size 560mm x 1500mm x 1000mm tall.

Item Ref: N10839-16
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Powtek S/S Rotary Sifter Model 12 x 30

Stainless Steel Rotary sifter 320mm dia x 750mm face with 450mm x 580mm inlet to 170mm dia x 660mm long auger. Product outlet 400mm x 730mm x 700mm deep with 170mm Dia Westinghouse S/S Rotary outlet valve 170 mm Dia x 220mm face with 80mm dia blower vent type outlet. with 150mm dia oversize outlet. overall size 1400mm x 2200mm x 1940mm tall.

Item Ref: N10898-16
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Powtek Type S/S Rotary Sieve
Contact Parts Stainless Steel Sieve 320mmdia X 1,400mm face with 255mm Screw Feed Inlet 375 X 380mm Bottom Outlet 1,070 X 1,220mm Side Inspection Port 170 X 500mm Machine driven by 5.5 kW Motor Via Vee Belts to give Rotary Shaft Speed of 320 rpm.  Overall Dimensions 2,320 X 1,220 X 1,100mm tall
Item Ref: S9818-16
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Kek Major M/S Rotary Sifter
Mild Steel Rotary Sieve type sifter 250mm Dia x 610mm face with 180mm x 180mm inlet 250 mm sieved product outlet with side inspection port , 140mm Dia oversize outlet driven by 2.2 Kw 500 Rpm belt drive. overall size 610mm 1700mm x 950mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11640-16
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KEK Rotary S/S Sifter Type K406
Stainless Steel KEK rotary sifter 250mm dia x 650mm face with 150mm dia inlet 180mm x 420mm outlet, & 140mm dia outlet, with hinged access door to sieve screen for cleaning, with direct coupled 1.5 kW 1,440 rpm motor.
Overall size 310mm x 1,550mm x 500mm 
Item Ref: ND-11919-16
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Stainless steel Le Coq S/S Rotary Sieve 250 MM DIA X 500 MM
Stainless Steel Rotary Sifter 250mm Dia  x . 500 mm face with 4 arms rotor
with direct coupled Geared Drive Motor 3 kw  663 Rpm Feeding screw - Inlet 300 mm dia
Outlet dim. 250 mm dia, Residue dim. 120mm dia. Overall dimensions  : 1120mm  x  1540 mm x 850 mm tall

Item Ref: ND-13838-16
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Le Coq M/S Rotary Sieve 250mm Dia
Key Features: 
- Manufacturer: Le Coq
- Material: Mild Steel 

- Overall: Height 1,400mm x Width 600mm x Length 1,500mm
- Sieve Dimensions: 250mm Dia x 500mm Face 
- Discharge Outlet: 130mm Dia x 830mm Ground Clearance 
- Inlet Hopper Dimensions: 335mm Length x 300mm Width 
Item Ref: ND-13962-16
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Powtek M/S Rotary Sieve
Key Features: 
- Manufactured by Powtek 
- Mild Steel 
- Machine No; P14874
- Model No; 7x22 SIFTER 

- Overall Dimensions; Length 1,700mm x Width 450mm x Height 850mm 
- Sieve Depth 700mm 
- Inlet Dimensions; OD 230mm, ID 170mm 
- Sieved Product Outlet Dia; ID 200mm, OD 280mm 
- Oversized Product Outlet Dia; ID 130mm, OD 225mm
- Inspection Lid Dimensions; Length 490mm x Width 190mm 
Item Ref: ND-13795-16
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Kek Major M/S Rotary Sifter

Mild Steel Rotary Sieve type sifter 250mm Dia x 610mm face with 165mm x 165mm inlet 200 mm sieved product outlet with side inspection port , 120mm Dia oversize outlet driven by 2.2 Kw 500 Rpm belt drive. overall size 610mm 1500mm x 950mm tall

Item Ref: N10899-16
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Kek Major S/S Rotary Sifter 200mm dia x 610mm face
Stainless steel body with stainless steel rotor 200mm dia x 610mm face with 210mm x 210mm Inlet, with 250mm dia & 125mm dia product outlets. Driven By 2.2kW 700 rpm Motor.  Overall size 1700mm x 530mm x 910mm tall.  Mounted on mild steel trolley frame to give 1100mm ground clearance, overall size 2460mm x 1700mm x 2200mm tall
Item Ref: N10960-16
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