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45 L S/S JKTD Stott Benham Pan
460 Dia. 300 mm Deep With 25 mm Slipper Type Bottom Outlet. Giving 400 M/M Ground Clearence.Hinged Lid.
Item Ref: S7520-04
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65L S/S Jktd Mixing Pan
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 320mm dia X 800mm deep. Top flange to suit agitator bridge and lid currently hinged at One-Third. Top side Inlet 25mm Flanged, Dish Bottom to 12mm dia Outlet. Mounted on 3 Legs to give 500mm ground clearance. Mild Steel Jacketed Base and 300mm Up Straight Side. Vessel made by Gwyn Atack. T.P. 5 Bar W.P. 3.84 Bar. 135 Deg. C.
Item Ref: S9700-04
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90 L S/S Still Jacketed
Stainless Steel 400 Dia. X 500 mm Deep. Dish Top With140mm Dia Centre Inlet 25 mm Inlet, 2 X 12 mm Inlets, 75 mm Sight Glass,200mm Side Connections.Hemis- Pherical Bottom To 3.2 mm Outlet. Mild Steel Jacketed Hemisphere.
Item Ref: N7258-04
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100L S/S Falcon Gas Heated Pan

Stainless Steel pan 550mm Dia x 550mm deep with flat slope bottom to 32mm dia BSP slipper outlet, Mounted on three legs to give 400mm ground clearance, brim height 980mm with bolt removable lid

Item Ref: N10878-04
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110L S/S Vert Enc Water JKTD Mixer Tank

Stainless Steel Vertical Enclosed Water JKTD Mixer Tank 400mm Dia x 1000mm Deep Dish bottom to 38 mm dia RJT outlet mounted on S/S table with 4 legs to give 400mm ground clearance. with S/S bolt removable lid hinged one 1/4 overall size 660mm x 660mm x 1600mm tall

Item Ref: N10784-04
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130L S/S Jktd Mixer Pan
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Jacket 530mm Dia X 580mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 38mm Outlet. Mounted On 3 Legs To Give 620mm Ground Clearance. Top Flange To Suit Agitator With Half Hinged Lid. Made By Liverpool Fabrications. Jacket 6 Bar D.P. 9 Bar T.P. Made 1994. Overall height 1,390mm.
Item Ref: S9703-04
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140 L S/S Water Jktd Enclosed Vessel
Cone Shaped Vessel 300 mm Dia X 460mm. To 12 mm Outlet. Dished Clamp On Lid With 2 X 12 & 25 mm Inlets. Low Pressure Mild Steel Jacket
Item Ref: S7569-04
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160L S/S Stott Benham JKTD Pan
Stainless Steel JKTD Pan 700 mm dia x 500 mm deep with 50 mm dia outlet mounted in pedestal to give 360 mm ground clearance with hinged lid. T.P. 30 P.S.I. W.P. 15 P..S.I. Overall height 950 mm. 
Model S6P5 
Item Ref: ND-12634-04
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190L S/S Vert. Encl. Tank Internal Coil
Stainless Steel Tank 610mm Dia X 700mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 50mm Outlet With 2 Off 25mm Dia Side Connections. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 610mm Ground Clearance With Approx 2.5 Sq.M. Of Internal Coil. Overall Height 1950mm. Made By Butterfields. T.P. 100 Psi.
Item Ref: N9978-04
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210L S/S Jacketed Mixer Pan
Stainless Steel 700mm Dia X 615mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 38mm Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 350mm Ground Clearance. S/S Jacket T.P. 60 Psi, W.P. 30 Psi. With S/S Lid Fixed One-Third, Hinged Two-Thirds.
Item Ref: N8736-04
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225L S/S Jacketed Pan With Lid
Stainless Steel Pan 810mm Dia 610mm Deep with Hemispherical Bottom to 50mm Outlet. Standing on 3 Legs giving 300mm Ground Clearance. Hinged Lid. Stainless Steel Steam Jacket W.P. 25 Psi T.P 50 Psi
Item Ref: S7691-04
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250L S/S Hemispherical Jktd Mixer Pan
Stainless Steel 768mm Dia X 710mm Deep to 38mm Outlet. Mounted on 3 Legs to give 350mm Ground Clearance. S/S Jacket T.P. 60 Psi, W.P. 30 Psi. S/S Outer Clad Insulation with S/S Lid Fixed One-Third, Hinged Two-Thirds.
Item Ref: N8735-04
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