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110 L M/S Vertical Pressure Vessel
400 Dia. 910 mm Tall. Dished Top & Bottom. Top Has 75 mm Dia. 50 mm Dia Conns. & Side Has 150 & 2 X 50 mm Dia. Bottom Centre 25 mm Dia. Test Pressure 80 Psi Working Pressure 40 Psi
Item Ref: N5268-05
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120 L M/S Separator Pressure Vessel
Mild Steel Galvanised. 440 mm Dia. X 800 mm Tall. Dish Top & Bottom. 75 mm Dia. Bsp Outlet. Top With 80 mm Dia. Inlet With Side Tangential 80 mm Inlet. Bottom Side 50 mm Bsp. W.P. 0.5 Bar. Made By Pumpen.
Item Ref: N7730-05
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125 L M/S Rubber Lined Separator
Mild Steel Rubber Lined. 400 Dia. X 1000 mm Tall. With 130 mm Deep Cone To 50 mm Dia Outlet. Top Side 63 mm Middle 63 mm Dia Connections. Flat Bolton Top With 75 & 25 mm Dia Connections.
Item Ref: N7769-05
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200 L M/S Pressure Vessel 150 Psi
460 Dia. 1220 mm Deep. 50 mm Outlet, Flat Bolted Top With 50 mm Inlettest Pressure 225 Psi
Item Ref: N6096-05
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330 L M/S Horizontal Pressure Receiver
500 mm Dia. X 1700 mm Long With Dished Ends. Test Pressure 1.5 Bar With Various Connections
Item Ref: N7317-05
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720L M/S Vertical Pressure Vessel
Mild Steel Vertical Pressure Vessel 1000mm Dia X 950mm Deep Dish Top And Bottom With Bolt Removable Base With 300mm Dia Outlet Mounted On Four Legs. Top With Centre 25mm Dia Inlet Side With 300mm Dia Connection
Item Ref: N10399-05
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920 L M/S Cannon Reactor Body
Mild Steel. 1140 mm Dia. X 920 mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom. Bolt On Top With Centre 120 mm, 300 mm, 100 mm, 2 X 50 mm, 2 X 75 mm Sight Glass Connections. Bottom With 75 mm Outlet.
Item Ref: N7382-05
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1200 L M/S Vertical Pressure Vessel
Mild Steel 1070 mm Dia. X 1300 mm Tall. Dish Top & Bottom, 50 mm Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs 300 mm Clear. Top With 100, 50 3 X 25 mm Dia. Inlets.
Item Ref: N7671-05
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2350 L M/S Rubber Lined Pres/Vac Vessel
Mild Steel R/L Vessel 1400 M/M Dia 1525 Tall Dished Top & Bottom To 100 M/M Outlet Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 400M/M Ground Clearance Top 500 M/M Dia Manway Centre 100 M/M & Off 80 M/M Dia Inlets
Item Ref: N8244-05
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7250 L M/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Mild Steel 1830 Dia. 2900 mm Long With 460 mm Manway 75 & 63 mm Dia At Top With Dished Ends With 400, 100 & 50 mm Dia Flanged Conns. Bottom Outlet 100 & 50 mmdia. All Flanged Conns. Made By Matthew Hall. 40 Psi Working Pressure
Item Ref: N5260-05
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12500L M/S R/Ld Vert Encl Press.Vessel
M/S R/Ld (Unused).2600 Dia X 2300 mm Tall. Dish Top & Bottom With 50mm Dia Outlet. On 4 Legs Giving 500mm Ground Clearance. Top With 460 mm Dia Manway, Centre 400, 100, 2 X 75 & 3 X 50 mm Dia Inlets. D.P. 1.3 Bar. T.P. 3.1 Bar.
Item Ref: N7707-05
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12700 L M/S Pressure Vessel 30 Psi
Vertical Cylindrical Vessel 2440 Dia. 2740 mm Deep On Straight Side With Dished Top And Bottom 460 mm Top And Side Manways 150, 100, 50 & 25 mm Top Connections & 100 mm Outlet 9 Turns Of 50 mm Coil Outside The Vessel For Warming
Item Ref: N4614-05
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