Tanks Pressure/Vacuum Vertical JKTD S/S

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45000 L S/S Half Coiled Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel 316L With S/S Limpet Coils Chamber 3050 Dia X 5180 mm S/S With Dished Bottom To 150mm Dia Outlet & Dished Top 610 mm Dia Manway Top 6 Off 150 mm Dia Inlets 1 Off 100mm Dia Inlet Connection With Top Centre Port For Agitator. Recator Body Over All Height 6575mm Tall Mounted On Legs To Give 2100mm Gound Clearance Or An Overall Height Of 8740mm 45 Psi Internal 90 Psi In Limpet Coil Extra For Agitator Depends On Specification.
Item Ref: N7088-05
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12,000 L S/S JKTD Vertical Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel  2,400 mm dia x 2,600 deep dish top and bottom on 4 legs with 63 mm dia bottom outlet. Dish top with Manway various connections. Overall height 2,800 mm dia x 3,800 mm tall. Vessel chamber  1.75 Bar Design Pressure Test Pressure 2.95 Bar Jacket Design Pressure 3.8 Bar Test Pressure 5.7 Bar Operating Temperature 150 Deg.C    Made by Vestec 1981 Design Code BS 1515 - PT2 

Item Ref: ND-12585-05
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4100 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel 200 Psi
Stainless Steel Vessel 1520 Dia. 2290 mm Deep With Dished Ends, 50 mmbottom Outlet. 300 X 300 mm Manway 2 X 25, 2 X 75, 2 X 100 & 200 mm Top Cemtre Connections. Side Mounting Brackets,200 Psi Internal W.P. 40 Psi Jacket W.P.
Item Ref: N4415-05
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3200 L S/S Vertical Jkt Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel 1370 Dia X 1830 mm. Dished Top & Bottom Centre 50 mm Dia Outlet. Top 460 mm Dia Manway,150 Dia Sight Glass, 2 X 100 mm Dia, 4 X 38mm , Limpet Coil Jacket, 3 Turns Of 75 Dia On Dish & 6 Turns Of 50mm Dia On Straight
Item Ref: N5283-04
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2050 L S/S Half Coiled Enclosed Vessel
1600 Dia X 1370 mm Deep With  800mm deep Cone to 50mm dia outlet. Dished Top With 400, 75mm dia  & 1  X 25 mm Top Connections And off  50mm Dia side connections. External  Copper Coil For Cooling. mounted on 4 mild steel legs.
Item Ref: N5584-04
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1350 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 1220 Dia. 910 mm On Side, Coned Bottom To 150 mm Outlet. 1070 mm Deep Dished Top With 400 mm Manway 100, 63 & 3 X 38 mm Top Connections, 2 X 100 mm Sight Glass,Tested To 30 Psi, Mild Steel Jacket
Item Ref: N3875-05
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1250 L S/S Jktd Pressure/Vacuum Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Jacket 1150mm.Dia 1200mm.Deep.Dish Top And Bottom To 50 mm.Outlet.Bolt On Manway 405mm.Dia 100mm.50mm.25mm.&2 X 12mm. Connections.Made By Newton & Chambers.Vessel W.P.30 Psi Jacket W.P.65 Psi.
Item Ref: N8496-05
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1000 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
1020 Dia X 1220 mm Deep With Dished Top, 400 mm Manway, 2 Sight Glasses 50,100 & 25 mm Connections, 50 mm Dia Outlet, Steam Jacket And 2.32 Sq.M. Internal Coil Vssel For Vacuum Or 30 Psi Internal
Item Ref: N5159-04
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910 L S/S Jktd Enclosed Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 1070 Dia X 1070 mm On Side With Dished Top & Bottom. Mild Steel Jacket, 400 X 300 mm Manway,250, 38 & 50 mm Top Conns. 2 X 50 mm Sight Glass,50 mm Bottom Outlet Mounted On Mild Steel Frame
Item Ref: N3736-04
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625 L S/S Vert Jktd Pressure/Vac Tank
785 mm Diam 1300 mm Deep With Coned Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Dished Top With 550 mm Diam Manway & Sight Glass.Additional Bottom Sight Glass. Stainless Steel Jacket On Straight Side Only. Food Quality
Item Ref: N7218-04
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360 L S/S Jacketed Pressure Vessel
810 Dia X 610 mm Deep On Striaght Side With Dished Top And Bottom With 50 mm Outlet. Internal Working Pressure 25 Psi Jacket 20 Psi Various Top Connections
Item Ref: N5675-04
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320L S/S Jktd Reactor Body
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Jacket 820mm Dia X 610mm Deep To 50mm Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 800mm Clearance. Dish Bolt On Top With Swing Bolts. 2 Off 100mm Dia, 2 Off 38mm Dia, 2 Off 25mm Dia Inlets. Made By Ssp. Inner Tp 3 Bar. Jacket Tp 3.7 Bar.
Item Ref: N8948-04
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