Tanks Pressure/Vacuum Vertical JKTD S/S

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45 L S/S Jktd Pressure Pot
Stainless Steel Pot 300 Dia. 560 mm Deep,Mild Steel Jacket,50 mm Thick, Bolt On Lid With 3 X 25 & 20 mm Connections, 25 mm Bottom Outlet,Standing On 3 Legs
Item Ref: N4581-05
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70 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 460 Dia. 530 mm Deep. Hemispherical Bottom With 38 mm outlet. Dish Bolt On Lid With 3 X 12, 25 & 125 Flanged Connections,Test Pressure Vessel 25 Psi Jacket 65 Psi
Item Ref: S5410-05
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110 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Jacket460 Dia X 710 mm On Side. Dished Bottom To 75 mm Outlet, Flat Bolt On Lid With 2 Off 80mm Dia Sight Glasses, With 38 & 20mm Top Side Connections , Mounted On 3 Legs 610mm Ground Clearance. Made By Apv Test Pressure 25 Psi Both J/K & Internal,
Item Ref: S6070-05
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130 L S/S Jacketed Pressure Receiver
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Jacket 460 mm Dia. X 800 mm Tall. Dish Top And Bottom To 25 mm Outlet. Mounted On 3 Legs To Give 230 mm Ground Clearance. Top With 38 And 50 mm Dia. Side Inlets.
Item Ref: N7697-05
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225 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Jacketed Vessel 560 Dia. 810 mm Deep. Dished Top & Bottom. Bolt On Top With 5 X 20mm Bsp Connections.Small Bottom Outlet,Steam J/K On Side Electric J/K On Bottom,J/K Wp 100 Psi,Internal 20 Psi On Legs,460 mm G/Clearanc
Item Ref: S6139-05
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225 L S/S Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Jacket,610 Dia. 610 mm On Sidewith 610 mm Deep Coned Bottom To 38 mm Dia Outlet,Dished Top With Centre 75 mmconnection 100 & 2 X 25 mm Conns. Mounted On 3 Legs,610 mm Ground Clearance Thickness 6M/M
Item Ref: N4771-05
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225 L S/S Jacketed Pressure Vessel
610 Dia X 760 mm Deep Dished Top 38 mm. 25 & 20 mm Inlets Dished Bottom 25 mm Outlet. 30 Psi Internal Pressure 15 Psi Jacket
Item Ref: N5883-04
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235 L S/S Vertical Jktd Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 480 Dia. X 1300 mm Tall. Dish Top And Bottom. 2 X 45 & 12 mm Dia. Inlets With 45 mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 3 Legs.
Item Ref: N7696-04
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240L S/S JKTD Vertical Pressure vessels
Stainless Steel chamber about 620 mm dia x 720 mm deel dish top & bottom bolt on lid with 6 off 25 mm dia flanged inlets cone bottom with 25 mm Dia flanged outlet on base plus one part way up side of the cone chamber rated 5 bar test 7.5 bar, duty -20 /170 deg.c jacket 4 bar test 5.8 bar  water -20 to 80 deg.c built by Snowtech Equipment India 2018
mounted on Stainelss steel frame currently in pairs 1,600 mm x 760mm x 2100 mm tall with 700 mm ground clearance from the outlet

Item Ref: ND-13166-05
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320L S/S Jktd Reactor Body
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Jacket 820mm Dia X 610mm Deep To 50mm Outlet. Mounted On 4 Legs To Give 800mm Clearance. Dish Bolt On Top With Swing Bolts. 2 Off 100mm Dia, 2 Off 38mm Dia, 2 Off 25mm Dia Inlets. Made By Ssp. Inner Tp 3 Bar. Jacket Tp 3.7 Bar.
Item Ref: N8948-04
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360 L S/S Jacketed Pressure Vessel
810 Dia X 610 mm Deep On Striaght Side With Dished Top And Bottom With 50 mm Outlet. Internal Working Pressure 25 Psi Jacket 20 Psi Various Top Connections
Item Ref: N5675-04
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625 L S/S Vert Jktd Pressure/Vac Tank
785 mm Diam 1300 mm Deep With Coned Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Dished Top With 550 mm Diam Manway & Sight Glass.Additional Bottom Sight Glass. Stainless Steel Jacket On Straight Side Only. Food Quality
Item Ref: N7218-04
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