Evaporators Plate/Falling Film

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Wiegand TVR S/S Three effect Evaporator 1260 kg/hr
Stainless Steel unit throughout, Pre Heater 6 off about 15.6 Sq.m with 4 banks of 9 tubes, 20 mm OD x  about 6,000 mm long. outside diameter 500 mm.

Calandria spilt  effect Stainless Steel stage 1 A & B  about  183 Sq.m with 118 tubes  50 mm dia OD x about 9,900 mm long. Outside diameter 1,080 mm

Calandria split effect Stainless Steel stage 2 & 3 about 99.5 Sq.m with 64 tubes 50 mm dia OD x about 9,900 mm long
Outside diameter 860 mm 

Item Ref: ND-11669-14
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