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10,000 LPH Inoxpa CIP Cleaning System 27 kw
Stainless Stainless Steel 316 Grade Automatic CIP System Compact Mobile Unit. Designed to Clean Food, Pharma and Cosmentic Process Plants.
The system includes the following elements:
1 300L tank for rinsing with RO water.
1 insulated 300L tank for preparing the cleaning solution.
Electrical resistance heating with temperature regulation fitted in the tank.
Constant level in the tank using a pressure switch.
Hyginox SE-28 pump.
Collectors with automatic butterfly valves with pneumatic actuator and C-TOP+ control unit. Base frame with wheels.
Stainless steel electric panel. Comes with a 5.7” SIEMENS touchscreen and PLC using the SIEMENS S7-1200 CPU with programmes.
Overall size:- 1,500 mm x 2,000 mm x 2,500 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13870-24
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1700L Renatto Mazzetti Fat Melter Elec
Stirrer inside
Double jacketed
Electric heating
Item Ref: ND-13684-24
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Andritz S/S Coater COT 15
Stainless Steel coater about 1000mm dia x 2500mm long drum with 1.1 kw geared drive mounted in a frame 2500mm x 1250mm x 1450mm Tall
Item Ref: ND-11628-24
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Bucher De-Stoner S/S
With 900mm Dia Separator Screen With Overflow Weir To 380mm Dia X 2500mm Vertical Dewatering Screw To 380mm X 200mm Outlet. Overall Size 1200mm X 1100mm X 2700mm High
Item Ref: N8876-24
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Hacos chocolate cooling tunnel

Used chocolate cooling tunnel

Manufacturer: Hacos

Model: C BELT 820-6-8

Year of manufacture: 12/2006

The line consists of 5 belt modules and one Acson cooling unit (must have new refrigerant filling)

Aperture dimensions: height 130 mm, width 880 mm

Total length of tunnel 11.13 meters

Item Ref: ND-13689-24
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S/S Coater Conveyor 600 Mm Wide
Stainless Steel Unit 600 mm Wide 1900 mm Long with a Stainless Steel mesh belt 6mm x 65mm gap mounted in S/SD trough 710mm x 1840mm Inside Sloping  100mm to 125 mm  On S/S Frame With 38mm dia  S/S Lobe Pump With 2.2 Kw Drive Mounted On Casters overall height 1220mm tall.
Item Ref: S9516-24
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Baader Fish Slicer Model 400E
Vertical Slicer With 570mm Wide Feed Belt 1300mm Long. Fitted With 33 Off Vertical 200mm Dia Rotating Disc Blades With 18mm Pitch. Variable Speed Drive. Overall Size 1900mm X 1100mm X 1450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9202-24
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Holac Slicer/Dicer Type Vs14
Throughput up to 1,200 Kg/Hr with 560mm Dia Rotor, Twin Bladed 5mm Deep Cut.  Fed by conveyor 150mm Wide.
Overall size 900mm X 1,100mm X 1,500mm Tall.  Driven by 2.8 kW Drive. Machine No. 400.0706.
Item Ref: N9198-24
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500L Chocolate Temperer Renatto Mazzetti TAO 500
Stainless Steel Chocolate Temperer Manufacturer Renatto Mazzetti Type TAO 500
Capacity approx. 500Kg
Item Ref: ND-13683-24
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Hecomatic S/S Coater -Deduster Plastic Belt 370 mm x 1,600 mm long
With Plastic belt 370 mm wide x 1,600 mm long mounted 1,250 mm high over a stainless steel trough spray 19 mm dia spray manifold above and below the conveyor belt with Staimless Steel hood with  200 mm dia in/outlet connections overall size 700 mm x 2,000 mm x 1,800 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-13515-24
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Ruhle Slicer/Dicer S/S Type Mk-10
Stainless Steel Unit with Head to give 6mm X 6mm Dice with 75mm X 300mm Feed Chamber.
Overall size 550mm X 900mm X 910mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9391-24
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300L Chocolate Melter M/S Jktd
Mild Steel Jacketed Chamber 1,065mm X 530mm Deep with 2 Off  70mm dia outlets with under driven Mixer Drive. Outlets mounted to give 585mm ground clearance.
Item Ref: N9013-24
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