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Nagasawakikai S/S Rice Sheeter
Type Spt300t. Stainless Steel Contact Parts With Rotary Screeen 420mm Dia X 700mm Face To 5 Off Roll Screen Mangle With Support Hopper And Pumps. Overall Dims 900mm X 1500mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9215-24
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4 Roll Peanut De-Husker
Stainless Steel Feed Chute With 4 Off 70mm Dia X 500mm Face Carborundum Rolls Thru To Stainless Steel Vibro Separator 500mm X 800mm Long. Mounted On Frame To Give 900mm Discharge. Made By Rutland Handling & Packaging. Job No. 4102. Overall Size 800mm X 1300mm X 2000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9511-24
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0.07M.Sq. A Johnson Votator
Model 3/4 1Swb. Stainless Steel Votator 75mm Dia X 300mm Long Chamber With Refrigeration Jacket. 19mm Dia Rjt Connections. Wp 60 Psi. Variable Speed Drive 80-500 Rpm. No 737034.
Item Ref: N8623-19
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Biro Single Screw Type 346 SS Meat Grinder 2.2 kw
Stainless steel single screw auger meat grinder type 346 about 120 mm dia x 310 mm with feed shoot type hopper 1140 mm x 611 mm x 184 mm deep
Item Ref: ND-13521-24
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Johnson Votator 2 Stage Chamber 2C6724

Stainless Steel Votoator Each Chamber 200mm Dia X 1800mm Long Chamber W.P. 250 Psi Shell 375 Psi 375 deg.f with 5.5 Kw two speed drive with 4 to 1 ratio gear box to give 360 or 177 RPM with a Waukesha Cherry Burrell  SPX size 25 Lobe pump with 32mm dia connections mounted on a mild steel frame 2800mm x 1600mm x 1850mm tall

Item Ref: RC1316-24
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Cherry Burrell Vogt Instant Freezer S/S
Model Vid 150 Dia. 910 mm Long Stainless Steel & Plated Contact Parts
Item Ref: N5569-24
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Johnson Votator Model 41 150 X 1220 Mm
Stainless Steel And Nickel Chrome Contact Parts With 38 mm Iss Connections And 11 Kw Drive Unit
Item Ref: N5081-24
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Johnson Votator Mod 61S 150 X1220mm Long
Surface Area Of Scraped Barrel .5 Sq.M. Complete With Drive All Housed In S/S Cladding [ Second Unit Mounted In Mild Steel Frame]
Item Ref: N7147-24
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Desmet Rosedown Mini 40 Oil Expeller
Single Screw 55mm Dia X 300mm Long With 2.2Kw Drive. Mounted On Frame 1000mm X 800mm X 1100mm Tall. Machine No. 6/2865/18
Item Ref: N8586-24
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Cherry Burrell Thermutator Model Swb 624
Stainless Steel With 5.5 Kw V Belt Drive Running At 640 Rpm Max W.P.200 Psi
Item Ref: S5294-19
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1.4 Sq.m APV S/S Whey Cascade Filter Screen
Stainless  Steel Whey Cascade Filter Screen  with trough feed to cascade over 1,220 mm x 1,220 mm filter screen with liquid solid separation. mounted in a chamber 1,750 mm x 1,50 mm x 1800 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12829-24
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Eirich S/S Plate Grinder, Model Sf9
900 mmm Dia. 55 Kw.
Item Ref: S8265-24
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