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Nagasawakikai S/S Rice Sheeter
Type Spt300t. Stainless Steel Contact Parts With Rotary Screeen 420mm Dia X 700mm Face To 5 Off Roll Screen Mangle With Support Hopper And Pumps. Overall Dims 900mm X 1500mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9215-24
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4 Roll Peanut De-Husker
Stainless Steel Feed Chute With 4 Off 70mm Dia X 500mm Face Carborundum Rolls Thru To Stainless Steel Vibro Separator 500mm X 800mm Long. Mounted On Frame To Give 900mm Discharge. Made By Rutland Handling & Packaging. Job No. 4102. Overall Size 800mm X 1300mm X 2000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9511-24
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Desmet Rosedown Mini 40 Oil Expeller
Single Screw 55mm Dia X 300mm Long With 2.2Kw Drive. Mounted On Frame 1000mm X 800mm X 1100mm Tall. Machine No. 6/2865/18
Item Ref: N8586-24
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Seifri Lab Size Fat Frier
350 X 350 X 100 mm Deep Electrically Heated
Item Ref: S7244-24
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450 L S/S Fat Melter
Stainless Steel Coiled Fat Melter 1220 X 610 X 610 mm Deep With 60 Psi Coil And 50 mm Bottom Outlet.
Item Ref: S8545-24
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Rosedown Screw Press Feed by 5 stage Cooker with 30 kw drive
Mild Steel Cast Iron construction rated about 8 to 10 tons per hour the 5 stage cooker plate diameter 1650 mm with 150 mm dia screw press about 2,000 mm long
Item Ref: ND-13197-24
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Eillert Vegetable Slicing machine Type G-4400
Stainless steel with three bladed rotor knife to cut 20 to 35 mm cross cut slices
unit with 1 phase drive overall size 1,100 mm x 1,900 mm x 1,700 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12238-24
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Bucher De-Stoner S/S
With 900mm Dia Separator Screen With Overflow Weir To 380mm Dia X 2500mm Vertical Dewatering Screw To 380mm X 200mm Outlet. Overall Size 1200mm X 1100mm X 2700mm High
Item Ref: N8876-24
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