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650 Sq.M. M/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchangr
Mild Steel 1600 Tubes 25 mm O.D. Tube 5200 mm Long. In/Outlets 245 mmdia., 8 Pass. T.P. Approx 240 Psi. W.P. Approx 120 Psi.
Item Ref: N7661-19
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320 L S/S Calorifier Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 660 Dia. 910 mm On Side. Dished Top & Bottom Bolt On Lid. 3 X 25 mm Top Connections, 2 X 25 mm Side Connections, 75 mm Bottom Side Outlet 50 mm Bottom Outlet Standing On 4 Legs Giving 350 mm Ground Clearence
Item Ref: S4104-19
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167 Sq.M. Schmidt S/S Plate Heat Exchgr
126 Stainless Steel Plates Type Sigma 114Hw 710 X 1830 mm With 2 X 250 & 2 X 150 mm Flanged Connections. Working Pressure 145 Psi
Item Ref: N6340-19
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86.9 Sq.M. S/S Lamella Quast Ht/Exchangr
S/S With Lamella Tubes. Pitch 13mm. 3200mm Long. Single Pase. Outside 500mm Dia. Tube Connections 215mm Dia. One End & 150 mm Dia At Other. Shell With500, 120 & 2 X 50mm Dia Connections. Tubne W.P. 5 Bar 100 Deg C. Shell 2 Bar/Vacw.P.
Item Ref: N7807-19
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86.9 Sq.M. S/S Lamella Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel With Lamella Tubes 13 mm Pitch. 3200 mm Long Tubes. In/Outlet Connections 200 mm Dia. Shell With 700 mm Elbow Connection And With 150 mm And 50 mm Rjt Connections.
Item Ref: N7890-19
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79 Sq.M. S/S Evaporator Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Shell. 160 Tubes 75 mm O.D. X 2100 mm Long. Tubes With 85 mm Dia. Connection At One End And 2 X 25 mm Dia. Connections At Other. With Sight Glasses.
Item Ref: N7521-19
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72 Sq.m S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel Shell 7 Tube Heat Exchanger with a bout 280 tubes 28 mm OD x 2925 mm long shell has 310 mm dia , 150 mm dia and 4 off 50 mm dia connection. With Stainless Steel end caps with 500 mm connections with 6 pass. overall length 3,600 mm.  Steel Shell design rated FV,  Test pressure 3 Bar Tubes design rated 3.1 Bar,  Test pressure 5.6 Bar Built by Poole Process Equipment year 2009 ASME VIII Div 1 
Item Ref: ND-13893-19
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67.3 Sq.M. S/S Schmidt Spiral Ht.Exchgr
Water In/Outlets 75 mm Dia. Product In/Outlets 160 mm Dia. Overall Size 1900 mm Dia X 1500mm Tall. Capacity 10.8 K In 101 Deg C, Out 29 Deg C. Volume160 L. D.P . 10 Bar. T.P. 15 Bar. Water Capacity 117 K. 22 Deg C In, 28Deg C Out. 460 L. Machine Number: 61/18219/06
Item Ref: N7741-19
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65 Sq.M. M/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Mild Steel Shell And Tubes With 476 Tubes 12 mm O.D. X 3665 mm Long. 4 Pass With 2 X 100 mm In/Outlet Connections. Shell With 75 mm, 2 X 38 & 2 X 25 mm Connections. Tubes T.P. 141 Psi Shell T.P. 65 Psi.
Item Ref: N7837-19
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56 Sq.M. Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger
Type Am10-Fm 93 Plates 1240 X 480 mm With 4 Off 100 mm Connections D.P. 10 Bar
Item Ref: S7895-19
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55 Sq M Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger
Type P14-Pb Test Pressure 6 Bar Working Pressure 4 Bar.117 Plates 415 M/M X 1170 M/M All Stainless Steel.New 1975
Item Ref: S8997-19
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42 Sq.M. S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel Tubes Mild Steel Shell With 286 Tubes 19 mm O.D. X 2450 mm Long. Single Pass. One End Cap With 160 mm Dia Connection. Other With50 & 43 mm Dia. Connection. T.P. Shell 110 Psi. Tp.P. Tubes 65 Psi. Made By Blairs.
Item Ref: N7785-19
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