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0.09 Sq.M. S/S Jktd Tube Heat Exchanger
75 Dia. 910 mm Long 2 Pass With Concentric Internal Tubes
Item Ref: S8180-19
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0.427 Sq.m Stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger
Stainless steel hair pin tubes to give two pass with 3 off 19 mm  OD x 1,194 mm long [ needs mild steel outer shell. Please note at extra cost we can offer Stainless Steel outer shell] 70 mm dia tri clamp in/ outlets both sides rated 150 p.s.i- full vac @ 200 deg.c. overall size 1,450 mm x 420mm x 270 mm 
New and unused.

Item Ref: ND-12557-19
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1 Sq.M S/S Shell & Tube Condenser
Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Condenser With 10 Tubes 19mm Od X 1830mm Long With Stainless Steel End Caps One With 165mm Dia Flanged Connection The Other With 73mm Dia Flanged Connection The The Shell Has 2 Off 50mm Connections For Water In/Outlet Connections Designed For Working Pressure Of 30 Psi
Item Ref: H001-19
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1.41 Sq.M S/S Single Tube water JKTD Heat exchanger.
1.41 Sq.M S/S Single Tube water  JKTD Heat exchanger.
Stainless Steel water jacketed single tube heat exchanger with 50 mm dia inner tube product x 3,000 mm long with 75 mm dia outer water jacket rated at 6 bar. Configured as 3 pass with straight tubes with RJT connections for easy clean mounted on stainless steel frame.
Item Ref: ND-12415-19
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1.4 Sq.M. Shell & Tube H/Exchanger
Stainless Steel Hairpin Tubes, Mild Steel Shell, 13 U Shape Tubes 12mm Tubes 1500mm Long. Two Pass With 32mm Dia Connections. Tube T.P. 6 Bar, Shell 8 Bar. Jacket With 50mm Dia And 25mm Dia Connections. Made By Warmeleistang
Item Ref: N9318-19
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2.29 Sq.m Stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger
Stainless steel hair pin tubes 14 off 19 mm  OD x 1,370 mm long with mild steel outer shell. 70 mm dia tri clamp in/ outlets both sides rated 150 p.s.i- full vac @ 200 deg.c. Overall size 1,650 mm x 500 mm x 310 mm
New and unused.

Item Ref: ND-12556-19
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3.9 Sq.M. Corronel S/Tube Heat Exchanger
Corronel 2 Pass Condencer With 46 25 mm Dia Tubes 1070 mm Long,Shell Dia 300 mm With 50 & 2 Off 25mm Dia Connections. Tube Connections 25 mm Dia. Test Pressure Shell 100 Psi, Tubes 30 Psi,Mild Steel End Caps,Good Resistance To Hydrochloric Acid
Item Ref: S6127-19
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4.87 Sq.M. M/S Shell & Tube Ht/Exchanger
Mild Steel With 67 Tubes 19 mm O.D. X 1220 mm Long. Two Pass With 75 mm Dia In/Outlet Connections. Shell 50 & 25 mm Dia Connections.
Item Ref: N7800-19
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11.5 Sq.M S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with 19 off 60.3 mm dia tubes x  3150 mm long
Item Ref: ND-12181-19
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Actini S/S Tube Type Pasteuriser Up to 1300LPH
Stainless steel Actijoule 30 kw pasteuriser with 30 tubes 25 mm dia x 1,500 mm long
with 26 tubes recovery up and recovery down stream, with 14 tube cooler
Previous duty beverage product 1,300 LPH heating to 85 deg.c to then cool to 20 deg.c  Overall  size 1,500 mm x 3,600 mm long
Item Ref: ND-13558-19
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14.5 Sq.M. S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchgr.
Stainless Steel Tubes Mild Steel Shell.110 20 M/M Dia Tubes 2120 M/M Long. Shell With 50 M/M Connections Tubes With 450 M/M & 300 M/M Connections Test Pressure 6 Bar
Item Ref: N8312-19
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14.7 Sq.M S/S Shell & Tube Heat Exchangr
Stainless Steel Shell & Tubes With Mild Steel End Caps. 269 20 mm Tubes 910 mm Long. 20 Pass. 50 mm Tube Connections, 50, 75 & 200 mm Shell Connections Shell T.P. 45 Psi
Item Ref: N4650-19
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