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Denley Centrifuge Type B5400 To 6000 Rpm
Overall Dimensions 16' X 22' X 15' Tall
Item Ref: N6556-50
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Hereaus Digifuge Centrifuge
Currently Set Up For Multiple Tubes In Each Container.
Item Ref: N8768-50
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I E C Centra Centrifuge Type 3S
Speed Control Up To 15,000 Rpm. For Small Tubes And Vials. Fixtures Are Not Included, But Rotor Is Available.
Item Ref: S7541-50
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I.E.C. Lab Centrifuge Type Hn511
With Timer And Break.
Item Ref: S8780-50
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Quickfit Micro Centrifuge 320
Fitted With 12 Place Basket
Item Ref: S9759-50
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Gallenkamp Centrifuge 2 Swing Out Tubes
Tube Holders 15 X 70 mm
Item Ref: S6656-50
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Martin Christ Piccolo Centrifuge
8 Off Angle Tubes
Item Ref: S9042-50
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Eppendorf Micro-Centrifuge For 18 Tubes
11500 Rpm
Item Ref: S8345-50
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Eppendorf Micro-Centrifuge For 18 Tubes
11500 Rpm
Item Ref: N8774-50
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Mse Micro-Centaur Centrifuge
For 12 Off Eppendorf Tubes 1.5Ml With 0-10 Minute Timer. Two Speed 6500/1300 Rpm 1 Ph. 0.25Kw With Lod Lock System. Overall Size 185mm X 215mm X 180mm High
Item Ref: N8800-50
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Mse Lab Multex Centrifuge
Mse Multex Centrifuge With 4 Off 200Ml Swing-Out Head Places Max Speed 2780 Rpm 1 Phase Supply 220 V 50 Hz With Lid Lock
Item Ref: N10594-50
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Mse Microcentaur Centrifuge 12 Tube
12 Position Angled Head For 1.5 Ml Tubes
Item Ref: N8775-50
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